Buy high quality THC & CBD products in Thailand online in Bangkok. Fat Buds Weed Shops has online delivery service and in-store smoking in Thailand. Check our big selection of THC & CBD Cannabis menus below to see what to buy today. Smoking Rooftop & Lounges available in-store.

Fat Buds Weed Shop Locations

Fat Buds Weed Shop has 3 locations to buy cannabis in Bangkok in Sathorn, Ekkamai and On Nut!

Smoke cannabis at both locations at our smoking rooftop & lounges.

Sathorn Soi 11

How To Get To Our Sathorn Weed Shop To Buy & Smoke Cannabis

Ekkamai (Sukhumvit Soi 65)

  • Smoke cannabis in our air-conditioned smoking lounge
  • Cold drinks available including FREE drinking water
  • Free bongs for use
  • Order cannabis online with delivery from Fat Buds drivers
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Prerolls! See menu here.
  • Weed Friendly Hotel (Fat Buds Airbnb) available! Details here!

How To Get To Our Ekkamai Weed Shop To Buy & Smoke Cannabis

On Nut (Sukhumvit Soi 77)

  • Smoke cannabis on our 2nd rooftop on the east side of Bangkok!
  • Enjoy a chill smoking lounge with couches and air-conditioning
  • Cold drinks available including FREE drinking water
  • Free bongs for use
  • Order cannabis online with delivery from Fat Buds drivers
  • Weed Friendly Hotel (Fat Buds Airbnb) available! Details here!

How To Get To Our On Nut Weed Shop To Buy & Smoke Cannabis


Don't Have Cash? No Problem! At Fat Buds Weed Shop, You Can Buy Cannabis With Credit Card, Cryptocurrency,, Foreign Currency, And Paypal!


a wide variety of canabis products on display at fat buds weed shop in bangkok

Located in the center of Bangkok at the Sathorn Soi 11 branch, you can enjoy killer 360 degree views of Bangkok while smoking killer THC and CBD weed on the Fat Buds rooftop. Come check out amazing sunsets at 6pm or see Bangkok’s skyscraper night lights on full display after sunset.

Buy some cannabis of your choice on the first floor, roll up and go enjoy views – it really is that simple! Don’t know how to roll? No worries – Fat Buds has a budtender on site who can roll a joint for you free of charge.


smoking room in bangkok

Located in the heart of the Thong Lor and Ekkamai areas, The Fat Buds Smoking Room in Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit Soi 65, just a few hundred meters down the Soi on your left-hand side. Enjoy a spliff or a bong on the 3rd floor of Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit while reading a book, chatting with a friend, or just chilling with some AC during a hot Bangkok day.

Buy some cannabis of your choice on the first floor, roll up and go enjoy a puff – it really is that simple! Don’t know how to roll? No worries – Fat Buds has a budtender on site who can roll a joint for you.


Get High THC Cannabis Delivered To Your Home Or Hotel

How Does Weed Delivery Work?

1. Order Your Desired Weed Via Phone Or Message

Call any Fat Bud’s location in Bangkok or send a message via the messaging or social media application options listed here. Or see our full delivery menu here.

The Fat Bud’s team will be able to recommend you strains, so you can select what you would like to smoke πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to ask for a few free tips or rolling papers if you need them!

2 Pay For The Product In Advance Or Select Cash On Delivery Option

Once you have selected your product, you need to transfer the cost of the product in advance to the Fat Buds team.

Payment methods we accept include Credit Card, and Revolut, Cryptocurrency, and Paypal. If none of these options work for you, then Cash On Delivery is also accepted!

3. Get Your Weed And Pay If COD

Provide your delivery address and phone number to the Fat Bud’s team, so they can arrange a Grab delivery (like Uber for delivery) or delivery via a Fat Buds driver.

Once the driver arrives at your home, office, or hotel, you can go to collect your weed, and make any payments if you chose Cash on Delivery. Happy smoking!

Ready To Order Cannabis Delivery In Bangkok To Your Home, Office Or Hotel? Then Check Out Our Cannabis Delivery Menu Below!

Need More Information About Our Cannabis Delivery In Bangkok? Or Looking For Nationwide Delivery Across Thailand? Click Below For More Details!

Fat Buds Cannabis Club Membership

Join The Fastest Growing Cannabis Club In Bangkok

It is no secret why hundreds of local, expat, and tourist stoners have already joined the Fat Buds Member Club. With our Cannabis Club Membership, you not only get access to benefits, such as life-time discounted pricing, Member’s Only Strains, special member’s promotions and more, but members can also easily connect with like-minded people who share a love for the ganja! So don’t miss out on this opportunity today!

online cannabis club member
The Fat Buds Cannabis Club Membership Card!


Fat Buds Weed Shop stocks a wide range of quality CBD & high THC weed strains available for purchase whether you are a local, expat or tourist. We also receive new cannabis strains for our clients to enjoy daily!

To See The Most Updated Sukhumvit and Sathorn Branch Menus, Please Click On The Appropriate Button Below!


buy cbd weed in bangkok


Prices start from 250 baht per gram. Strains include Cherry Blonde and Cloud Berry

buy cheap weed in bangkok


Prices start from 350 baht per gram. Strains include Moby Dick and Slurricane

buy high thc weed in bangkok


Prices start from 550 baht per gram. Strains include Zombie Kush and Blue Dream

high thc cannabis in bangkok


Prices start from 600 baht per gram. Strains include Colin's OG and LA Kush Cake

top shelf cannabis in bangkok


Prices start from 650 baht per gram. Strains include GMO and Truffle Ocean

exotic cannabis bangkok


Products include Kief blocks and other unique THC products. Ask Fat Buds for availability


Due to popular demand, Fat Buds now produces our own In-house THC cannabis edibles in Bangkok for our clients to consume! Join the rising number of eaters purchasing from Fat Buds, where we actually produce potent THC edibles πŸ”₯​

Our first product line was the Fat Buds Space Cakes AKA Stoner Brownies (approx 160-180 milligrams per piece)! This was followed by the Fat Buds Stoner THC Gummies, Noob Brownies (approx 40 milligramgs per piece), and the Fat Buds Honey Sticks! Read more about our Edibles and Weed Brownies by clicking on the button below.

varying potency but clearly defined high THC edibles for sale online at a cannabis club in bangkok


At Fat Buds Weed Shop, clients can buy kief in Bangkok that is Top Quality and from a variety of sativa, hybrid, and indica strains. Clients can buy Top Quality kief for only 500 baht per gram! Or are you a Fat Buds member? Then take advantage of our Member’s Kief Promotion where you can buy 3 Grams for only 1,350 baht or 5 Grams for 2,000 baht! (Want to know how to become a member? – See here for details.)

What is kief? In simple terms, kief is a powdered cannabis concentrate that is legal to purchase in Thailand. Want more information about kief? Then read the Fat Buds detailed breakdown by clicking the button below!

where to buy kief in bangkok

Got Any Questions About Our Menu Or Products? Contact A Fat Buds Team Member Now!


wholesale cannabis in bangkok

Tropicana Banana Special!

Buy 3.5 grams of locally grown Tropicana Banana (Sativa Hybrid) for only 1,400 baht! Available for purchase in-store or delivery.

sativa weed in bangkok

Galactic Jack Sativa Promo!

Buy 3.5 grams of the classic Sativa strain Galactic Jack for only 1,750 baht! Available for purchase in-store or delivery.

customer with cannabis via delivery in bangkok

2,000 Baht Free Delivery Promotion

Order 2,000 baht worth of weed and get FREE delivery to your condo or hotel with a Fat Buds driver!


Are You Looking To Buy An Ounce In Bangkok? Need 100G For Your New Dispensary Or Because You Love Smoking Weed? This is the Fat Buds Special and why so many Bangkok expats and locals love us! We offer incredible prices on our Ounces and the BEST MIX-AND-MATCH offer in the city! See below for our latest ounce menu.

1,400 Baht Per Ounce (50 Baht Per G)
Granddaddy Purple (Indica) | Green Crack (Sativa) | KD Kohtao (Sativa) | OG Kush (Hybrid) | Lava Freeze (Indica)

2,800 Baht Per Ounce (100 Baht Per G)
Wild Thailand Shake (Sativa) | Lemon Diesel (Sativa Hybrid) | Skywalker Haze (Sativa) | Blue Dream Shake (Sativa) | Passion Fruit (Sativa Hybrid) | 24K Gold (Hybrid)

4,200 Baht Per Ounce (150 Baht Per G)
Royal AK Shake (Indica) | Mandarin Cookies (Sativa Hybrid) | Wedding Cake Shake (Indica Hybrid) | Dirty Sprite Shake (Sativa Hybrid) | Ice Cream Cake (Indica)

5,600 Baht Per Ounce (200 Baht Per G)
Sugarcane Popcorn (Sativa) | Colt 45 Popcorn (Indica) | White Caviar Popcorn (Hybrid) | Apples & Bananas Popcorn (Hybrid) | Blueberry Cookies Popcorn (Indica Hybrid) | GUMMIES

7,000 Baht Per Ounce (250 Baht Per G)
Jelly Cookies (Indica Hybrid) | White Rainbow Popcorn (Hybrid) | Compound Z Popcorn (Indica)

8,400 Baht Per Ounce
Melty Mints (Indica Hybrid) | Ice Cream Sundae (Hybrid) | Orange Kush Cake (Indica Hybrid) | Wedding Gelato (Indica Hybrid) | Black Cherry Gelato (Indica Hybrid) | Zapplez (Sativa Hybrid) | Tahoe OG (Hybrid) | Stay Puft (Hybrid) | Gorilla Zkittlez (Hybrid)

9,800 Baht Per Ounce (350 Baht Per G)
Bahama Mama (Sativa Hybrid) | Peanut Butter Breath (Indica Hybrid) | Sparkle Face (Indica Hybrid) | White Caviar (Hybrid) | Yuzu X (Sativa Hybrid) | Dosidos (Indica Hybrid) | Sherbacio (Indica Hybrid) | Nightmove (Indica Hybrid) | Blue Dream (Sativa) | Drip Station (Indica Hybrid) | Wasabi (Sativa Hybrid) | Pink Candy Kush (Hybrid) | Amness (Sativa) | Lusty Lady (Sativa Hybrid) | Detroit Runtz (Hybrid) | Dream Fire (Sativa Hybrid) | Planet of the Grapes (Indica Hybrid) | Pulp Friction (Indica Hybrid) | Lemon Cherry Gelato (Hybrid)

10,900 Baht Per Ounce (390 Baht Per G)
Compound Z (Indica) | White Rainbow (Hybrid) | Cap N Kush (Hybrid) | KIEF SELECTION

Ready To Buy An Ounce Of Cannabis? Check Out Our Most Up-To-Date Menu!

Want More Information About Our Cannabis Wholesale Offerings? Get More Info Now.


Is cannabis flower legal in Thailand?

Fat Buds is legally allowed to sell cannabis flower at our weed shops. We have fully authorized certification by the government to sell cannabis flower to clients, provided we are following all regulations of the Thai government.

However, it must be understood that the smoking of cannabis flower for recreational purposes is only decriminalized, and the smoking of cannabis flower should be done at a private place. Smoking weed in a public place, such as a quiet street, is tolerated provided you are not causing a nuisance or public disturbance. Please note that smoking weed and causing a public disturbance is illegal and carries financial penalties, so be smart about where you smoke your weed. And don't blow a massive smoke ring in a granny's face!

As marijuana flower is completely decriminalized and legal to purchase, the police cannot bother you for carrying marijuana of any amount. If you get stopped by police for carrying marijuana and the police are trying to hassle you, politely refuse to cooperate as you are 100% complying with Thai law.

Can I smoke weed inside the Fat Buds shops?

Yes, as of January 12th, 2023, you can smoke cannabis in Bangkok and get stoned at both Fat Buds Weed Shop branches.

At Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn, clients can enjoy their buds on our rooftop with 360 degree views of the Bangkok skyline! Or clients can watch some Netflix, play some FIFA, or get some work done in our air-conditioned smoking rooms. Learn where to get high and smoke weed legally on our rooftop here. If you want a safe indoor place you can read up on Fat Buds Weed Shop Library that doubles as a smoking room (weed included) here which is conveniently located in Sukhumvit in the heart of Bangkok

At Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit, clients can rip joints and bongs in our 3rd floor air-conditioned smoking room. Don't forget to sign the wall!! Read more about the laidback smoking room here.

Are there any age restrictions or other types of restrictions to purchase weed at Fat Buds Weed Shop?

Yes. As per Thai law, you must be at least 20 years old in order to purchase weed from Fat Buds Weed Shop. At Fat Buds, we have the right to ask all clients prior to entering our shops for ID as a proof of age, so we can ensure that we are complying with government regulations. If we ask to see your ID even though you are clearly over 20 years old, please don't be offended!! It just means that you look young and are aging well!

We also are not allowed to sell cannabis to pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, as per Thai law.

Can the Fat Buds team roll a joint for me if I cannot roll?

Yes! If a budtender is present at the Fat Buds Weed Shop when you are there, they can certainly roll for you. We do not charge for rolling joints, but please note that if there are long queues, we will not be able to offer rolling services, in order to properly serve all customers quickly. We also always have Cones for sale, which allows clients who cannot roll to easily make a joint with their purchased cannabis πŸ™‚

Additionally, Fat Buds Weed Shop also allows clients to buy cannabis preroll joints, which are all handrolled by Fat Buds budtenders! To see the Preroll Menu for Sathorn branch, please click here. To see the Preroll Menu for Sukhumvit branch, please click here. For more information about our Prerolls, please read more details here!

Can I have weed delivered to my hotel?

100% yes! Many of our clients have weed delivered directly to their hotel. For full details of how our weed delivery in Bangkok works, please read more details here.

Is it legal to smoke weed on the streets? Where is the best place for me to smoke weed without any issues?

We always recommend clients to smoke weed in a private place, meaning your condominium, house, hotel balcony etc. This way, you will be rest assured that you are not causing any type of public disturbance.

If you insist on smoking weed outside, it is generally tolerated so long as you are doing it in a quiet place without disturbing anyone (ex. A quiet street). However, please remember that causing a public disturbance by smoking weed is illegal, and there are financial penalties associated with causing a public disturbance.

If you want some recommendations of some awesome hidden gem hotspots to smoke at in Bangkok, don't be afraid to ask a Fat Buds team member for a couple of tips!

What payment methods does Fat Buds accept?

Fat Buds currently accepts the following methods of payment:

1. Cash in any major currency (we will accept USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and more). We also accept foreign currency payments with zero surcharge for large bill denominations!

2. Bank transfer - if you do not have a Thai bank account, many of our clients do cheap international bank transfers with either or Revolut

3. Cryptocurrency - Yes! You can buy cannabis with cryptocurrency in Bangkok! We accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Doge, Tether (USDT), USDC, other stablecoins and more. As huge believers in cryptocurrencies, we also do not charge any additional fees for payments in cryptocurrency!

4. Paypal - While we do accept Paypal without issue, please also kindly note that Paypal is an absolute last resort for Fat Buds, as Paypal is not integrated in Thailand. Zero surcharge for Paypal payments πŸ™‚

5. Credit Card - as of May 5th, 2023, you can now buy cannabis in Bangkok with credit card at Fat Buds Weed Shop! We accept both Mastercard and Visa Card payments for in-store purchases and online delivery via Stripe Thailand. To buy cannabis in Bangkok with credit card now, please contact a Fat Buds team member here.


about fat buds weed shop

Fat Buds is dedicated to bring a blend of awesome weed, fair pricing, and top level customer service to Thailand.

Fat Buds Weed Shop was founded on June 21st, 2022 by a group of local entrepreneurs with one objective – to open a cannabis dispensary where clients can feel 100% assured that they purchasing quality weed from a company that strives for fair pricing, honesty, and 5-star customer service. We believe that the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in Thailand is an incredible milestone, and we want to do our part in promoting responsible, holistic use of cannabis.

Fat Buds Weed Shop is also committed to support local cannabis growers and local cannabis entrepreneurs, in order to do our part to help build Thailand into a responsible global cannabis powerhouse.

The Fat Buds Weed Shop Mission Statement

1. Stock A Wide Range Of Affordable Buds

At Fat Buds Weed Shop, we are committed to offer a wide range of fairly priced cannabis flower, so all clients will be able to purchase quality cannabis at a price point that they can afford. As the cannabis industry develops in Thailand and product becomes more and more affordable, Fat Buds is committed to adjust our menu pricing, so local consumers can all reap the physical and psychological benefits of top cannabis flower product.​

2. Promote Responsible Cannabis Use

At Fat Buds, we believe that quality cannabis can provide incredible medical and psychological benefits to users if it is used RESPONSIBLY. We respect that marijuana can have very potent effects, and every single user has different tolerance levels, as well as different reactions to using cannabis. We will never sell very potent weed to a user who does not have much experience with cannabis consumption.

3. Bring Professionalism And Top-Class Customer Service To The Cannabis Industry

We at Fat Buds understand the stigmas associated to a product and industry that, for years, has been illegal. We strive to bring a level of professionalism and customer service that the average client may not be used to for a product that was once a scheduled narcotic. We aim to have every client regardless of nationality feel that are receiving 5-star service from a fair and honest company.Β 

4. Support The Local Thai Cannabis Industry And Supply Chain

We believe that the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in Thailand presents an incredible opportunity for the local people to build new progressive businesses, thus pushing Thailand to become a global leader in the cannabis industry. Therefore at Fat Buds, we are committed to always stock product from local producers. We also will be working with these local producers to both improve quality of local product and to promote legal and responsible business practice.

5. Provide 100% Honest Information About Our Cannabis Product

With a product such as cannabis, we believe that it is every client’s right to receive 100% honest and trustworthy information about the products that they are consuming. For example, we will never provide false strain names or made-up THC percentages of our cannabis flower. We always seek to gain as much information about products that we are obtaining from producers, and we will relay this information to our clients. Do not be afraid to ask a Fat Buds team member any questions about our products!


Want To Buy Cannabis In Bangkok? Need To Order Some Weed For Delivery? Contact Fat Buds At One Of The Options Listed Below!

phone numbers

Sukhumvit Soi 65 Branch

Sathorn Soi 11 Branch

On Nut Branch