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Buy cannabis gummies in Bangkok in-store or order delivery today! Strength and quality of product guaranteed unlike other local products. Learn more below!

Want To Buy THC Gummies?

You have come to the right place if you need to buy strong THC Gummies! For other cannabis edibles products, please see here.

Stoner THC Gummies - Approx 15-20 Milligrams Per Single Piece

Non-Member Pricing: 8pcs 350 Baht | 20pc 750 Baht | 40pcs 1,250 Baht || Member Pricing: 8pcs 300 Baht | 40pcs 1,250 Baht

Production Details: Our strong raspberry THC gummies are produced from 100% topshelf “scraps” (a mixture of topshelf samples that we get from producers and leftover popcorn buds as we move through strains). Flavor comes from Jello, sugar, and citric acid – nostalgia anyone??? 😀

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Why Buy Cannabis Gummies Instead Of Smoking?

If you’re anything like me, you love to get high in a variety of ways. From brownies to tinctures, I’ve experienced it all. But gummies will always hold a special place in my heart.

Personally, I like Cannabis gummies because they provide the benefits of THC without the harshness of smoking.

Can you buy cannabis gummies in Bangkok? Of course you can.

Save your lungs by checking out some of the edible options available at Fat Buds Weed Shop.

These THC cannabis gummies deliver bold and intense effects. Enhance your experience with cannabis gummies, while taking in the groovy sights, sounds, and flavors of one of Asia’s most chaotic and welcoming cities.

For more information on current pricing, availability, and budtastic promotions, check out our edibles menu here (scroll down to the Edibles section :))!

buy cannabis gummies in bangkok

Ready To Buy Cannabis Gummies In Bangkok? Then Contact The Fat Buds Team Now To Arrange In-Store Purchase Or Delivery!


There’s a reason why Fat Bud’s Cannabis gummies kick ass. They’re made from FECO.

Now, you might be wondering just what is FECO?

FECO stands for Full-Spectrum Extract Oil.

Why does FECO make our cannabis gummies special?
FECO is a whole-plant extract. This ensures you consume all the terpenes and beneficial molecules available in the cannabis plant. This process is typically conducted with the aid of a grain alcohol.

FECO Benefits

FECO ensures you get to experience the “entourage effect”, which is when all the cannabinoids work in harmonious nature to your benefit.

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem learned that whole plant extracts deliver more beneficial effects than single compound cannabis extracts.

The extractions used in our cannabis gummies are made with a mixture of different high grade indica-leaning cannabis strains. Fat Buds does not mess around.

How Are Fat Buds Cannabis Gummies Made?

Fat Buds Cannabis gummies are produced with jello and gelatin. Fat Buds also provides clients with the option of topping their gummies with a sugar and citric acid coating. This coating adds a delicious punch of sweetness with a bit of a sour kick!

The Strength Of Our Cannabis Gummies

Unfortunately, understanding your correct dosage when consuming cannabis gummies can be a little confusing.

The correct dosage depends on a number of factors including edible type, dosage, cannabis tolerance, body weight, and metabolism.

You might find that you and your friends will feel extremely polarizing effects when consuming the same edible. “Low and Slow” is a good rule of thumb to live by when first consuming cannabis gummies.

If you feel a little unsure as to how many gummies you should consume, check out the table below.

buy cannabis gummies in bangkok

The Fat Buds Cannabis Edibles Dosing Table

Not Sure How Much Cannabis Edibles To Consume? Then Check Out Our Dosing Table Based Off Our Experience And Not Fake Lab Tests!

Choose Your Strength

Micro High

THC Dose

1 to 5 milligrams


This is the smallest dosage. Users won’t feel psychoactive effects, but they may feel some relief as far as nausea, anxiety, and pain go.

Edibles Available

Currently not available

Light High

THC Dose

5-15 milligrams


This dose level is recommended for new cannabis users. This dose level can make you feel groovy without feeling overloaded. Typically, this is the point where new users begin to feel “stoned”.

Edibles Available

Fat Buds Honey Sticks (coming soon)

Moderate High

THC Dose

20-50 milligrams


This is for daily weed smokers. At 20 to 50 mg, most regular consumers will be left feeling tranquil without any overwhelming anxiety. For new users, this amount may induce feelings of strong euphoria and groovy vibes.

Edibles Available

Fat Buds Noob Brownies or 2-3 Fat Buds Cannabis Gummies

Strong High

THC Dose

150-180 milligrams


Do you eat blunts for breakfast? If you do, this dosage level might just be right for you! Otherwise, take it easy – not all of us need to be surfing the stars right away. This high amount of THC may cause nausea or may even intensify the effects of anxiety.

Edibles Available

Fat Buds Stoner Brownie or a full pack of Fat Buds Cannabis Gummies

Intergalactic High

THC Dose

500+ milligrams


At this type of dosing, please proceed with caution. For new users, this is unadvised! This is an extremely high dose reserved for only the most pothead of potheads!

What’s your intention? Impaired coordination? Well then you’ve reached the correct dosage level.

Edibles Available

Smash 3 of our Stoner Brownies and go on a journey of the mind

Ready To Buy Cannabis Gummies In Bangkok? Then Contact The Fat Buds Team Now To Arrange In-Store Purchase Or Delivery!

Cannabis Consumption Safety

We at Fat Buds take responsible cannabis consumption extremely seriously, and we will always do our part to ensure you are using our products as safely as possible. Therfore, you may be wondering – How can I safely consume THC cannabis gummies in Bangkok?

Well, if you’re a first time user, it’s best to understand that edibles take time. The peak of your high may take up to 3-4 hours to reach depending on factors like tolerance, body weight, etc, as noted previously.

Knowing this, it might be a good idea to clear out a good part of your day. Responding to work emails or dodging scooters in Bangkok traffic while feeling a rush of THC effects may not be your idea of fun.

Cannabis Gummies And Time

Worried your edibles haven’t taken effect?

We recommend waiting up to 2 to 3 hours before consuming more gummies. Remember, the effects of cannabis gummies can take hours to take full effect.

For more detailed information about the effects of THC edibles, the United States Alaska Department of Health offers an excellent guide.

Why Are Other Gummies In Thailand Not Strong And How Does Fat Buds Guarantee Strength?

If you felt disappointed after trying out some cannabis gummies at other dispensaries in Thailand, you’re not alone.

Other weed shops in Thailand are notorious for using poor quality cannabis (bush weed) to produce their edibles. So that’s what we mean when we say 10mg of our gummies is not the same as you’d find elsewhere.

If you’re using low quality cannabis, how can you expect anything other than the effects of low grade cannabis in your cannabis gummy? Garbage in, garbage out!

THC Cannabis Percentage

In addition to the bush weed, many cannabis shops in Thailand exaggerate the THC percentages of the strains and products they offer.

On the other hand, at Fat Buds we make conservative estimates on our THC percentages.

How did we perfect our extraction method?

We began developing our extraction method when we whipped up the first batch of our famous Stoner Brownies. After dozens of batches and tests later, we finally found a winner.

Fat Buds Weed Shop Stoner Brownies are available for order – message to order delivery via one of the contact methods listed here.

How To Purchase Cannabis Gummies?

Where can I purchase cannabis gummies in Bangkok? You can purchase cannabis gummies in-store at either of our branches: Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn and Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit.

Can you deliver cannabis gummies in Bangkok? Yep, you know it!

Our bombastic FECO cannabis gummies are also available for order via delivery. For delivery in the Sathorn area, contact us via one of the options listed here. For Sukhumvit, message us at one of the options listed here.

Does Fat Buds Weed Shop sell wholesale edibles? You betcha! For more information, hit us up via our contact page and we’ll get to you as soon as possible!

Need more information? As they say, knowledge is power! Feel free to reach out to us to ask any further questions.