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Buy Top Quality Cannabis With Cryptocurrency

Being in Bangkok as a cannabis lover may feel like paradise. But even with the legalization of marijuana in Thailand, I still don’t want the MAN to know what I’m up to.

This is why I like to purchase cannabis in Bangkok with crypto. That way I know my transactions are safe and secure.

Buy weed in Bangkok now with CRYPTO!!! To purchase Fat Buds Weed Shop cannabis with cryptocurrencies, contact us immediately!!

Are cryptocurrencies legal in Thailand? Yes, they are completely legal. What’s even better? You can legally purchase marijuana in Thailand using cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrencies and cannabis go hand in hand. Read on to learn everything you need to know about purchasing cannabis in Thailand with cryptocurrencies!

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Let’s start off simple – What is cryptocurrency?

According to Oswego State University of New York, a cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that you can use as a strong encrypted form of payment for different products and services. Some of you paranoid stoners may prefer cryptocurrencies just due the security offered.

There are many kinds of cryptocurrencies. At Fat Buds Weed Shop, we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, Cardano and many more. Later on, I’ll give you a brief overview on each of these stellar cryptocurrencies.

For example, you can use Bitcoin to purchase cannabis gummies at Fat Buds Weed Shop.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Before buying anything with cryptocurrency, you’re going to need what is called a “Cryptocurrency Wallet.”

A Cryptocurrency Wallet is a kind of digital or virtual wallet that can store different digital currencies. For example, a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet like Exodus can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other cryptocurrencies accepted as payment at Fat Buds Weed Shop.

According to Forbes, it might be easier to think of a Bitcoin Wallet as a sort of digital online bank account that is personally unique to you. The unique private key you use to open your Bitcoin Wallet will only be given to you. This is part of the beauty of crypto. The anonymity. What stoner doesn’t love safety and security?

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis With Crypto In Bangkok?

Yes! It’s completely legal. If you just smoked a blunt and want a little extra assurance, reach out to one of our super knowledgeable budtenders at Fat Buds Weed Shop for a lowdown on everything cannabis in Thailand.

To understand more about the overall legality of cryptocurrencies in Thailand, I have included a detailed link with full explanation here.

To summarize, in 2018, Thailand’s government enacted the Digital Asset Business Emergency Decree in its effort to increase the ways in which investors can invest in Thailand. This also works to your benefit as a tourist. Now, you can securely use Bitcoin to pay for just about any good or service in Bangkok!

Yep!! This includes some of the bangin’ cannabis gummies available at Fat Buds Weed Shop.

We’ve also got a handy FAQ on the legalization of marijuana in Thailand here!!

Ready To Buy Cannabis With Cryptocurrency? Contact To Order In-store Or Delivery Via The Fat Buds Team!

For full contact options, please see here.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies At Fat Buds

Cryptocurrencies are everywhere. With so many cryptocurrencies around, it might be difficult to pick one to use. We’ve tried to make it easier by accepting the vast majority of cryptocurrencies as payment options, including the following ones outlined below.


Bitcoin is the original daddy cryptocurrency. It was the world’s first successful decentralized digital currency and it is still in use around the world. Transactions conducted with Bitcoin are safe, secure, and fast!


Ethereum is another popular virtual currency that allows you to conduct fast encrypted payments. Unlike Bitcoin, it works not only as a payment network, but also as a general marketplace that includes games, social media, and financial services. Learn more about Ethereum here!


Solana is a relative newcomer to the cryptocurrency world. It is similar to Ethereum, and was made to take Ethereum’s framework to the next level. Solana was built to support financial services, NFTs, payment, and gaming!


Everyone’s seen the memes. But did you know that Dogecoin had actual utility? Wow!!

Dogecoin is a digital cryptocurrency loved by Shiba Inus across the world. It is both open source and peer-to-peer. You might have seen Elon Musk tweet about this one. For more info on Dogecoin, check out their site here.

buy cannabis with dogecoin


Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that was designed after the study of many other cryptocurrencies. Cardano advertises itself as the most environmentally sustainable blockchain protocol, which you can learn more about here.

How To Buy Cannabis With Crypto

Now, you’re finally ready to buy some cannabis in Bangkok at Fat Buds Weed Shop using your favorite cryptocurrency. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Download a digital bitcoin wallet. Coinbase is a popular choice.
  2. Select the correct form of payment (Bitcoins).
  3. Designate an “address” for your Bitcoins. We can provide a Fat Buds Weed Shop QR Code for purchases made with cryptocurrencies.
  4. Send payment!
  5. Smokeeeeeee! This is most important. Get futuristically high by purchasing weed in Bangkok at Fat Buds Weed Shop using cryptocurrencies!

Can You Pay For Weed Using Crypto In Bangok?

Oh yeah! Many of our stoned and happy Fat Buds Weed Shop customers prefer to pay for weed delivery. And of course you can use cryptocurrencies to pay for weed delivery.

Fat Buds Weed Shop provides delivery from the following two locations:

Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn.

Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit.

More Information

If you’re at all confused about purchasing weed in Bangkok with crypto, we’re here to help. Our Budtenders are also there to give detailed information on all of our cannabis products.

Budtender Philip can even help you out with an explanation of our famous motto, “Garbage in, garbage out!”

To contact one of our wonderful Budtenders, contact us here!

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrencies AND marijuana are both legal in Thailand. Best of all, it is also legal and recommended to purchase weed in Thailand with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Not only does Fat Buds Weed Shop take Bitcoin as a form of acceptable payment for marijuana, but also Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, and Solana.

Buy some amazing weed in Bangkok with cryptocurrency at Fat Buds Weed Shop now!!!