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Do you smoke a lot and need to buy an ounce of weed in Bangkok? Want to buy wholesale cannabis for personal use or commercial use? Fat Buds Weed Shop offers wholesale weed to our clients!

Buy An Ounce In Bangkok - Wholesale Cannabis!

Please see below for our Ounce Menu updated daily! Mix and Match between price points – for example, select 20 Grams of 50 Baht Cannabis and 8 Grams of 300 Baht Cannabis to create your custom ounce and price! For terms and conditions, please click here.

1,400 Baht Per Ounce (50 Baht Per G)
AK47 (Sativa) | Green Crack (Sativa) | KD Kohtao (Sativa)

4,200 Baht Per Ounce (150 Baht Per G)
Sugarcane Shake (Sativa) | Gorilla Punch (Sativa)

5,600 Baht Per Ounce (200 Baht Per G)
White Truffle Shake (Indica Hybrid) | Alien OG (Indica Hybrid) | White Buffalo Shake (Sativa Hybrid) | Dog Walker OG (Sativa Hybrid) | Grape Ape Popcorn (Indica) | Truffle Butter Shake (Hybrid)

7,000 Baht Per Ounce (250 Baht Per G)
Sugarcane (Sativa) | Pineapple Express Popcorn (Sativa) | Mango Kush (Indica)

8,400 Baht Per Ounce (300 Baht Per G)
Compound Z Popcorn (Indica) | Wedding Gelato (Indica Hybrid) | Slurricane (Indica) | Wedding Cake Popcorn (Indica Hybrid) | Sugarcane Popcorn (Sativa Hybrid) | Orange Cookies (Sativa Hybrid)

9,800 Baht Per Ounce (350 Baht Per G)
Mandarin (Sativa) | Amnesia Haze (Sativa) | Kool Aid Kush (Indica) | Durban Poison (Sativa) | Banana Daddy (Indica Hybrid) | Super Silver Haze (Sativa) | Critical Purple Kush (Indica) | Gorilla Glue (Indica Hybrid)

10,900 Baht Per Ounce (390 Baht Per G)
Blue Dream (Sativa) | Tahoe OG (Indica Hybrid) | Double-Stuffed Oreoz (Indica Hybrid) | White Truffle (Indica Hybrid) | Candy Apple (Sativa Hybrid) | Colt 45 (Indica) | Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

11,750 Baht Per Ounce (420 Baht Per G)
Colombian Gold (Sativa) | Bubblegum Runtz (Indica Hybrid) | Apples & Bananas (Hybrid) | Ice Cream Cake (Indica) | Blue Sherbet (Hybrid) | White Wolf (Indica) | Runtz (Hybrid) | Blue Razz Sunshine (Indica Hybrid)

Know What Wholesale CannabisThat You Want To Buy?

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Buy An Ounce Mix & Match - How It Works

At Fat Buds, our wholesale cannabis deals on ounces have become stuff of legends in an overpriced market!

Clients at Fat Buds are allowed to Mix and Match their strains to create their own custom ounces, which will perfectly, yet uniquely suit their medical or recreational cannabis needs! (Check out the most up-to-date Fat Buds Sukhumvit Menu here and the Fat Buds Sathorn Menu here)

Love one particular strain and need 28 grams of it? No problem! Want 1g of 28 different strains to have a full weed-tasting experience? No problem too!

In order to calculate the cost of your custom ounce, you simply add the cost per gram of the different strains that you selected based on the Ounce Menu! It’s that simple 🙂

Oh and we almost forgot – make sure to redeem your free pack of rolling papers and tips that comes with every ounce purchased, regardless of price!

Ready to order your custom ounce? Then contact the Fat Buds team via one of the many contact options by clicking the button below!

How To Buy An Ounce Of Weed Or Wholesale In Bangkok

Buy Wholesale Cannabis In-Store

Visit either Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit or Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn, and ask any Fat Buds team member about purchasing a half-ounce, ounce or 100 grams. Choose the strains that you like and take your bud! It is that simple.

Order Wholesale Cannabis Online

Drop us a line or shoot us a message here. One of the Fat Buds Weed Shop team will then provide you with a menu, and then you can select the weed strains and strengths of your choice. From edibles to full cannabis flower buds Make arrangements with the Weed Shop team for same-day delivery in Bangkok or nationwide delivery anywhere in Thailand via Kerry, J&T or Flash Express.

With Fat Buds Weed Delivery promotion all wholesale orders are free in Bangkok and easy to use!

Or ready to order some wholesale weed via delivery today? Then contact us by clicking the button below!

Buy Wholesale Cannabis For Commercial Use

Looking to supply your own weed shop or cannabis dispensary in Thailand, but you have no idea where to find high quality and cheap cannabis in Thailand? Then reach out to Fat Buds today to get your weed supply sorted.

Our wholesale cannabis rates for commercial use start with minimum purchase amount of 100 grams. We are able to also offer additional discounts at 500 gram or 1 kilogram amounts.

If you are interested in purchasing Fat Buds cannabis for resale, then please contact us via WhatsApp. Contact details can be found below.

Ready To Buy Wholesale Cannabis In Bangkok?

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