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Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love to roll my own joints. The fatter the better. Sometimes even two at a time.

But if you haven’t mastered the craft of rolling, or feel like you’re pressed for time, a preroll provides weed lovers with an easy win.

Can I buy Cannabis Prerolls in Bangkok? Darn tootin’.

Preroll joints are a blast for stoners of all backgrounds. For information on current stock, member promotions, and specials, check out the updated Fat Buds Weed Shop Menu. And up until June 31st, enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free PrerollsContact us now to claim your promotion.

cannabis preroll joints in bangkok

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Or read on for a breakdown of Fat Buds Weed Shop Preroll Joints. We’ll also dive into the kind of prerolls at Fat Buds Weed Shop.

What Are Preroll Joints?

Let’s start off with a simple explanation.

A Fat Buds preroll joint consists of the following: cannabis, a rolling paper, and a filter.

Fat Buds Weed Shops allows you to pick and choose what you want. The strain, the papers, and even if you want a specific filter.

Confused? Too many options? No problem. One of our expert budtenders is always ready to help out. To speak to Fat Buds Cannabis Expert ASAP, contact us via one of the options listed here.

Types Of Prerolls

Fat Buds Weed Shop offers up a variety of prerolls.

You can choose from hybrid, Indica, Sativa and infused prerolls.


Personally, I go Indica all the way. These prerolls are made with cannabis Indica, which tends to produce sedating effects. Nothing better than a Fat Buds Indica Preroll and binging the latest Netflix series.


I like to think of Cannabis Sativa as eliciting what I like to call “focused productivity”. Working on your latest artistic masterpiece? Or just looking for a high that won’t leave you bedridden? Sativa all the way.


Hybrid, like the name suggests, is a combination of the two categories of strains noted above: Indica and Sativa. These are the most common. But, there remains some nuance to them. Hybrids can lean in either direction. For example, you can pick up a Fat Buds Hybrid Preroll that leans Indica, which means you MIGHT be able to leave your couch. But, if you want to stay on your couch, that’s okay too!


Now, this one is for the heavy hitters. For the cannabis consumer that wakes up and eats a few joints for breakfast, Fat Buds might recommend a Fat Buds Infused Preroll. What is an Infused Preroll? An Infused Preroll is your favorite cannabis mixed with a cannabis extract, such as badder, kief, or a distillate. Last warning… These prerolls WILL kick your ass!

After learning about the different types of preroll joints, let’s dive into what makes the Fat Buds Preroll Joint different.

The Fat Buds Special - Our Combo Joints!

One of my favorite things about weed is the customizability of it. There’s a unique combo of strains, smoking methods (think papers, blunts, or bowls), and terpenes that can be matched to the desired effects you want.

At Fat Buds, the resident budtender is available to pick out the perfect mix for you. Our budtender will most likely be smoking up his latest concoction. If you’re unsure about what you want or thinking about trying something new, you might want to delve into the wealth of weed knowledge accrued by our helpful budtenders. You can contact a Fat Buds budtender today via one of the options listed here.

For the latest on availability, check out the current stock available on the Fat Buds Weed Shop Menu.

How Do We Produce Our Prerolls?

First off, at Fat Buds Weed Shop, we don’t fuck around with weight. Let’s make that clear right away. Fat Buds Prerolls are handcrafted with love and designed to take you on a rocketship flight to the stars.

At Fat buds, we keep it au natural. Our prerolls do not contain ANY tobacco.

But, we’ll add tobacco upon request. Some clients say the Fat Buds Spliff is best enjoyed on the Sathorn Rooftop. Check it out for yourself.


We can also use different papers. It’s all up to you. Personally, I’m a RAW guy. But there are plenty of options available for you. Be sure to ask our resident Budtender for a rad recommendation.

Doob Tubes

Are doob tubes provided? You know it!

Fat Buds provides a doob tube with every preroll for your convenience and smoking needs. This ensures your preroll joint stays safe and secure for those bumpy motocy rides as you weave your way through Bangkok traffic.

buy cannabis prerolls in bangkok

Ready To Buy Cannabis Preroll Joints? Want To Get Your Buy 1 Get 1 Free Prerolls? Contact To Order Via The Fat Buds Team!

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Benefits Of Fat Buds Preroll Joints

Not only are Fat Buds Prerolls designed to launch you to the moon, but they also come with a number of benefits. Let’s learn more!

Less Of A Mess

Even the experienced weedhead understands that cannabis can be messy. Each step of the process from grinder to finished rolled joint provides plenty of opportunity for spillage.

Preroll joints are just about always going to be the cleaner option. Not only do you save time on the cleanup, but you also have the time you were going to spend rolling.


Even for the most seasoned joint roller, you might need at least 5-10 minutes to properly roll a joint. This rings especially true if you are starting from scratch.

Grinding your herb… Preparing the filter… Evenly distributing the cannabis… It can really get time-consuming. You might learn prerolls provide next level convenience when compared to rolling your own.

Cannabis Health Benefits

The consumption of pre roll joints may provide multiple benefits to both your physical and mental health.

Pain Management

For example, medical marijuana is an excellent aid for long-term chronic pain management. It is a safer alternative to opiates. According to Harvard University, instead of taking some Advil for pain, you might find that smoking cannabis is a healthier option.

Cannabis And Insomnia

In addition to pain management, there are studies that suggest the consumption of CBD can help cannabis consumers suffering from insomnia. However, another study notes that this comes at a slight cost: there might be negative effects related to memory consolidation.

Where To Enjoy Fat Buds Prerolls?

Now that you’ve purchased Fat Buds Preroll, just where are you going to smoke that sucka? Good question!!

Fat Buds Sathorn Cannabis Smoking Rooftop

At Fat Buds Sathorn, you can light up on the Fat Buds Sathorn Rooftop as you take in the dazzling sights, sounds, and smells of Bangkok’s Central Business District in Sathorn.

Whoa! Look at those views! Learn more details about our Cannabis Rooftop here.

cannabis rooftop

Fat Buds Sukhumvit Cannabis Smoking Room

For those in Sukhumvit, don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. At Fat Buds Sukhumvit, enjoy your preroll in the most chill spot around, the Fat Buds Sukhumvit Smokers Lounge. With some comfy seating, it’s easy to get lost in there for hours. And we mean that in a good way.

Ready To Buy Cannabis Preroll Joints? Want To Get Your Buy 1 Get 1 Free Prerolls? Contact To Order Via The Fat Buds Team!

For full contact options, please see here.

How To Order Prerolls

Prerolls can be ordered online or in-person at your convenience.

Does Fat Buds Deliver Preroll Joints? Of course we do. For more info about our delivery service, please see here.

To order delivery ASAP, contact us here and you’ll be smoking your Fat Buds Preroll in no time!

Need More Information?

Buying a preroll shouldn’t be a stressful experience.

If you feel at all confused, or just seeking more information about anything cannabis, please reach out and one of our knowledgeable budtenders. They love talking “weed”.

We’ll get you sorted and on cloud 9 in no time!

Here’s our contact page once more if you need extra information.