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Want To Buy Weed In Bangkok But Have questions or still confused about the current cannabis situation in Thailand? Find out more.

How does Fat Buds Weed Shops in Bangkok work exactly??

Fat Buds Weed Shops sells many cannabis products. Ranging from THC to CBD strains. That means flowers, buds, weed, skunk. Whatever you call it. When Fat Buds say's "weed" you know what we are talking about. Yes indeed! Did you know there are levels of weed. More on that here.


With Fat Buds Weed Shop in Bangkok you can legally buy weed online and in-store all over Thailand. Please note that Fat Buds Weed Shop actually has two dispensaries, so to find the weed shop you want in Bangkok check the homepage here. If you want Indicas to Sativas, or if you are looking for a particular Hybrid strain. Then Fat Buds Weed Shop's menu has the largest cannabis in our shops for of quality "good weed" in Bangkok but also have other fine cannabis products for sale online here. With Fat Buds Weed Shop Online Delivery Service not only can you legally buy "good weed" at any of our weed shops in Bangkok today but can also shop online.


That means from Phuket to the high north of Thailand Fat Buds Weed Shop Online Weed Service can deliver an ounce (if you actually an ounce but we do quads of good weed too)  off the shops online menu and straight to your door today. Fat Buds Weed Shop is the place to buy weed in Thailand. What is good weed in Thailand. There is more on that here.

Trust us, the Fat Bud's team trains daily with testing and service. So when Fat Buds says weed we definitely know what we are talking about. At Fat Buds Weed Shop & Fat Buds online Delivery service; our team of experts are very friendly and knowledgeable. Trained to help you select any one of our THC&CBD products in Bangkok but not only here. In fact, Fat Buds Weed Shop quickly growing nationwide. We have fully authorized certification by the Thai government to sell cannabis flower buds, edibles and other THC & CDB products legally to clients in Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. No international exports of cannabis products are accepted at any Fat Buds Weed Shop.


In accordance to legalization of cannabis laws by the Thai government for the legalization of Marijuana passed on June 9, 2022 making cannabis aka weed (local Thais refer to weed as ganja).  Fat Buds Weed Shops are committed to creating a high-quality, healthy and happy cannabis culture. Fat Buds Weed Shops are following all regulations of the Thai government. However, it must be understood that smoking weed for a variety of purposes is only decriminalized. Weed smoking and should be done at a private place. Smoking weed in a public place, including schools and shopping malls, is illegal in Thailand. Also be aware that smoking weed  in public can be seen as disrespectful it's a public disturbance in Thailand and can carry financial penalties. When in Thailand its important to understand the laws. Read up more on that here.

In short, you can get high and smoke weed. Just don't be an idiot about it please. You can help cannabis culture in Thailand for tourists, expats and locals safe and fun by being responsible.

So why settle for stale, low-quality "weed" in Thailand when you can enjoy the freshest, fattest buds aka chronic, kush, runtz, skunk. If know what topshelf weed is then our weed shop has"the good stuff" guys! You will know when you see it and if you don't; feel free to try Fat Bud's Weed Shop's newbie weed guide coming soon. As we said we have got that "good weed" and yummy edibles (the ones that work and really get you high) too. 

We got it all for you at Fat Buds Weed Shop Bangkok. So if you like to smoke the strains with highest THC in Thailand that's on the members only menu. No BS here. Our shops are only about THC & CBD products (we do ounces of good weed too) for a genuine high quality buying experience. Check Fat Buds Weed Shop in Bangkok today. See the difference for yourself! If you want to buy weed online all over Thailand check out our menu here

Can I smoke weed inside the Fat Buds shops?

Yes, as of January 12th, 2023, you can smoke cannabis in Bangkok and get stoned at both Fat Buds Weed Shop branches.

At Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn, clients can enjoy their buds on our rooftop with 360 degree views of the Bangkok skyline! Or clients can watch some Netflix, play some FIFA, or get some work done in our air-conditioned smoking rooms. Learn where to get high and smoke weed legally on our rooftop here. If you want a safe indoor place you can read up on Fat Buds Weed Shop Library that doubles as a smoking room (weed included) here which is conveniently located in Sukhumvit in the heart of Bangkok 

At Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit, clients can rip joints and bongs in our 3rd floor air-conditioned smoking room. Don't forget to sign the wall!! Read more about the laidback smoking room here.

After I buy weed can I do anything I want with it?

No. There is actually a guide for that. Here  are a few things to remember about cannabis while here in Bangkok, Thailand, but for a complete weed guide click here.  

 Carrying seeds or parts of cannabis plants to and from Thailand for personal purposes is not permitted.Growing weed in Thailand is legal but registering on the Thailand's Food and Drug Administration’s Plook Ganja application or through a government website is required. Here in Bangkok and actually across Thailand cannabis is known as ganja. Do not drive after consuming THC edible products containing cannabis or smoking. It is highly illegal in Thailand. Don't smoke and drive. THC gets you high. Duh!Using cannabis flower buds for research, export and sale and processing weed for commercial purposes requires an official permit. In other words. Fat Buds Weed or not. Don't try this at home. Leave it to the experts at Fat Buds Weed Shop. Anyone under 20 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not eligible to use cannabis. If you fit the description be prepared to show ID or you may have to simply grow up. THC is not for kids.

Can the Fat Buds team roll a joint for me if I cannot roll?

Yes. If a bud-tender is present at the Fat Buds Weed Shop when you are there, they can certainly roll for you. We do not charge for rolling joints, but please note that if there are long queues, we will not be able to offer rolling services, in order to properly serve all customers quickly. We also always have cones for sale, which allows clients who can not roll to easily make a joint.

As of January 12th, 2023, Fat Buds Weed Shop does also offer pre-rolled sativa and indica cannabis for our clients to be able to enjoy top quality cannabis hassle-free! Learn more about the Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn menu, and for the Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit  menu on our homepage

What payment methods does Fat Buds accept?

Fat Buds currently accepts the following methods of payment:

1. Cash in any major currency (we will accept USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and more). We also accept foreign currency payments with zero surcharge for large bill denominations!

2. Bank transfer - if you do not have a Thai bank account, many of our clients do cheap international bank transfers with either or Revolut

3. Cryptocurrency - Yes! You can buy cannabis with cryptocurrency in Bangkok (more info here)! We accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Doge, Tether (USDT), USDC, other stablecoins and more. As huge believers in cryptocurrencies, we also do not charge any additional fees for payments in cryptocurrency!

4. Paypal - While we do accept Paypal without issue, please also kindly note that Paypal is an absolute last resort for Fat Buds, as Paypal is not integrated in Thailand. Zero surcharge for Paypal payments 🙂

5. Credit Card - as of May 5th, 2023, you can now buy cannabis in Bangkok with credit card at Fat Buds Weed Shop! We accept both Mastercard and Visa Card payments for in-store purchases and online delivery via Stripe Thailand. To buy cannabis in Bangkok with credit card now, please contact a Fat Buds team member here.

Is Fat Buds legally licensed to sell weed?

Yes. Fat Buds Weed Shop is a registered company that is fully licensed by the Thai government to sell cannabis. At Fat Buds, we believe that this marijuana movement in Thailand is awesome, and we want to support the local cannabis industry by complying with all legal requirements.

Does Fat Buds sell edibles, wax, oil, tinctures etc.

Yes. Fat Buds now produces our own in-house edibles for our clients to consume. More details about our Edibles Product lines can be found here.

For all of these types of products, please contact Fat Buds either via WhatsApp or Telegram. For the messaging contact information, please click here.

Can Fat Buds deliver weed all over Bangkok??

Yes. We deliver cannabis products all over Thailand from our Weed Shop in Bangkok via Kerry Express, J&T, or Flash Express. To speak to a Fat Buds Weed Shop team member to place your order for online delivery click here.

Mix & match from any strain, THC product range, gummy edibles, Stoner Brownie edibles on our menu for online delivery. The Fat Buds Weed delivery service is available not only in Bangkok. In fact we have delivered weed all over Thailand with pride since 2022.

Do I need a medical marijuana card or some sort of prescription to purchase weed from Fat Buds?

No. You do not require a medical marijuana card or some sort of doctor's prescription to purchase weed to buy cannabis now. Fat Buds Weed Shop may ask you for photo ID if you look under 20 years of age. Please understand we are being responsible and take the ID check as a compliment. In short: Thailand is a cannabis friendly country now

Does Fat Buds sell smoking paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, or bubblers?

Yes. Please contact a Fat Buds team member via one of the options listed on the Contact page here. And don't forget to come to Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn to hit our StundenGlass Gravity Bong!!! Huge rips!!!

Does Fat Buds also offer discounts for larger purchases (ex. 1 ounce)?

Yes! Buying wholesale Cannabis in Bangkok with Fat Buds Weed is cheap and  and easy. We have tons of skunk weed on discount. And even bigger savings when you buy an ounce!

For a complete guide on Fat Buds wholesale weed, please see the information here.

Fat Buds also offers Cannabis Club memberships and our cannabis community is growing fast in Bangkok. Fat Buds Weed Shop members get exclusive access to life-time of discounted pricing on a special men. Anyone in Thailand over 20 available to anyone who wants to join is eligible. Newcomers to ganja and hardcore pot -heads have met online and in smoking rooms. They are great to meet other members or just meeting people in general. You can find more details about Fat Buds Weed Shop membership and smoking rooms on our Homepage.

Is the weed sold at Fat Buds 100% organic or soil grown?

At Fat Buds, we offer both 100% organic soil grown weed, as well as popular hydroponic weed. The cannabis that is 100% organic soil-grown is produced using worm castings, bat guano, and 100% organic advanced nutrients bio additives (kelp, alpha meal).

The main differences between hydroponic and 100% organic weed are:
1. Smell - hydroponic weed tends to smell much more pungent (classic "dank" stink), while 100% organic weed will have more earthy plant smells to go along with the classic marijuana stink.
2. Visual - hydroponic weed typically is very dense, while 100% organic weed is often more fluffy (although properly grown will still be quite dense)
3. The High - hydroponic weed will give you a stronger initial rush, while 100% organic weed will be a much more leveled high. Both hydroponic and 100% organic weed can be very strong, depending on the strain. Also, some users report that hydroponic weed can cause a bit more of a "hangover" the next day, while 100% organic weed comes with next to no hangover.

If you have any further questions between the differences of hydroponic and 100% organic weed, feel free to contact a Fat Buds Weed Shop team member here.

Can I fly with weed that I have purchased from Fat Buds on domestic airplanes?

What a question to ask? Believe it or not, the answer is in two parts. So let's get into it, shall we?

Yes, you can carry cannabis on domestic flights in Thailand. The law only prevents those under the legal age of 20 from bringing weed on flights. Now, just because you can fly with cannabis in Thailand, be careful. Just because weed has been legalized in the country, it is important to be aware of what you are doing when you fly with that amount of weed. Please note: the law allows passengers to carry cannabis on domestic flights only. It is crucial to follow baggage restrictions and not exceed the 7kg limit. (Source)


Edibles and CBD oils, for example, are legal in Thailand. However, bringing such items into or out of the country is not. Please comply with local laws when in Thailand and abroad. Do not eat any edibles with THC or smoke weed before your flight.

Cannabis should be used responsibly in Thailand. It is important to research and comply with local laws to avoid any complications for sure. Also, even if your cannabis is legal and properly stored (don't keep the weed on the plane, make sure the cannabis is in your luggage), the scent of it could attract unwanted attention from airport officials or fellow passengers. It is advisable to declare it at the airport and keep within the legal limit of 7kg of THC or CBD products when flying. That way, you avoid any unnecessary delays or complications at the airport with your weed. Do not exceed more than that as it's considered a wholesale amount of weed. If you need that much cannabis in Thailand and need more, Fat Buds weed shop does wholesale and delivers that much weed, so check out our cannabis menu here.

In summary, while it may be possible to fly with cannabis in Thailand, it is important to be mindful of the legal restrictions and practicalities involved. It is advisable to research and comply with local laws, declare your cannabis at the airport, and keep within the legal limit to avoid any legal or practical risks. (Source)

Will the police harass me if they catch me with weed from Fat Buds?

As per the decriminalization laws currently in Thailand, police cannot harass you or charge you with any crime for the possession of legally purchased cannabis flower. There is also currently no limit as to the amount of cannabis flower you can carry at any given time.

The only thing that police can currently do is charge you for causing a public disturbance if you are smoking on the street. In general, smoking weed on the street is tolerated, provided you are smoking at a quiet location.

What time does Fat Buds do deliveries until? Does Fat Buds deliver outside of shop hours?

Fat Buds can accommodate weed deliveries with Grab Express until late (so outside of shop hours). To arrange a weed delivery later at night, please contact Fat Buds via one of the contact methods listed here.

Does Fat Buds sell any merchandise?

Heck yes we do! Fat Buds have some awesome t-shirts done which can be purchased in-store or for delivery. And of course, the infamous Fat Buds stickers are completely free for our clients to take.

Does Fat Buds offer franchises?

Yes certainly! Please call or message a Fat Buds team member at one of the contact options listed out here.

Does Fat Buds Weed Shop have a membership program for heavy smokers?

Fat Buds does indeed have Cannabis Club memberships for people who are hardcore stoners! We understand that smoking weed is a lifestyle, and our Cannabis Club memberships are designed to support this Cannabis lifestyle. Memberships come with Exclusive Strains, Lifetime discounted pricing, Member's Specials and more.

To learn more about our Cannabis Club memberships and how to join, please click here.

How often does Fat Buds get new strains?

At Fat Buds, we pride ourselves on our Cannabis selection. The team of Fat Buds testers is smoke-testing tons of new strains everyday, and we only try to select the best ones that we smoke to go on our menu.

Because our dispensary caters towards hardcore stoners, we know that in order to keep your highs as fun and interesting as possible, you need to be smoking fresh weed regularly. Therefore, Fat Buds has at least one new strain on offer EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Why does Fat Buds not currently have any THC percentages available for our cannabis?

We understand why many clients are surprised that at Fat Buds, none of our weed has THC percentage information - how are you going to know which weed is stronger or not?

To clarify, Fat Buds does not offer any THC percentages for our products because there is NO ACCREDITED CANNABIS TESTING FACILITY CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THAILAND. The cannabis industry is still immature, and it will take time for legitimate testing facilities to be available.

All other shops in Thailand that do offer THC percentages are either 1. using a completely inaccurate THC testing device (such as a poorly developed phone application) or 2. taking their THC percentages from Google after searching the strain name. As true stoners, Fat Buds knows that the strength of any given strain is dependent on the ability of the grower. Poorly grown Gelato is not going to be strong.

Also as true stoners, we know that the quality of any bud is not solely based on THC percentage. The quality and uniqueness of a smoking experience is based also on terps, other levels of chemicals inside any given strain, quality of genetics used and more.

So long story short at Fat Buds, we choose to just smoke everything ourselves instead. With testers smoking 3-5 grams any given day, you can be rest assured that our testers know what is either strong or good fucking weed 🙂 Ask for a recommendation - we will sort you out.

I am a beginner. What cannabis product should I buy?

Ahh - a noob 🙂 Don't worry - we all started out as noobs, and at Fat Buds, smokers of EVERY EXPERIENCE LEVEL ARE WELCOME! We welcome complete beginners with open arms, and you will find that if you come to hang out at one of the Fat Buds shops, you will find the Fat Buds members are super open to helping you get high for the first time.

Based on our experience serving cannabis to thousands of customers, we have found that most beginners prefer lighter, fruitier sativa-leaning buds, as these are the most pleasant to smoke taste-wise, and they often provide clients a social and energetic high.

However, the ultimate truth is that every single person in the world has a preference for weed. Some people naturally prefer sativa, some people naturally prefer indica. Some people like lighter, aromatic buds, while other users prefer dense, heavy bed melters that make you think about nothing 😀

Therefore, talk to a Fat Buds team member when you come to purchase, so we can find the perfect first bud for you to rip!

Need to ask a Fat Buds team member a question before making your first cannabis purchase? Then contact us via one of the methods listed here!

Is Fat Buds connected with Fatboys Motorbike Rentals?

Funnily enough, yes it is! Fatboy's Motorbike Rentals was brought to Bangkok in 2014, and the same group of expat entrepreneurs founded Fat Buds on June 21st, 2022 after the cannabis legalization on June 9th, 2022.

Weed in Thailand is very expensive. Does Fat Buds offer cheap weed in Bangkok or at least reasonably priced weed?

Unfortunately, part of the process of cannabis legalization in any currency is an initial strong spike in demand where the local supply cannot meet the need for weed! As a result, prices skyrocket and stay at higher rates until cannabis cultivation becomes more prevalent. Once supply begins to meet demand, prices naturally correct themselves.

At Fat Buds, we believe that this price correction is happening already, and we constantly are adjusting our prices lower as the price for cannabis in the Thai market continuously drops. So therefore to answer the question, yes we offer cheap weed!

At Fat Buds so we can offer prices that any customer can afford, we have cannabis available starting at 100 baht per gram at both of our Fat Buds branches. To see the full Fat Buds Sathorn Branch, please click here. To see the full Fat Buds Sukhumvit Branch, please click here.

Fat Buds also offers memberships for hardcore smokers who have weed lifestyle habits to maintain. With our Fat Buds memberships, clients can get further discounted pricing for life, so our weed becomes very affordable 🙂 Click here to read more details about the Fat Buds Cannabis Club memberships.