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About Fat Buds Edibles

varying potency but clearly defined high THC edibles for sale online at a cannabis club in bangkok
  • Looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of THC without smoking weed? Look no further than Fat Buds Weed Shop’s delicious THC brownies edibles are both tasty and potent delivered same day via of you are in Bangkok. <With two location in Sukhumvit and Sathorn sat in the central of the city. Fat Buds Weed Shop’s are easy to find if you need weed in Thailand Today.

    Our team of experienced bakers bake bomb THC brownies with expertise to create a perfect balance of flavors and textures in each batch of cannabis brownies buddy. We ensure that the THC levels are consistent throughout, so you can enjoy a reliable and enjoyable experience every time. Ordering our brownies is easy! To get in touch with our friendly Fat Buds Weed Shop Service Online staff team simply tap below!

    We’ll guide you through the menu and answer any questions you may have. Once you’ve made your selection and confirmed the price, we’ll provide you with our bank details so you can transfer the cost of your fresh baked brownies full of THC

    Did you know we have different levels of THC brownies in Bangkok?!?

    We’ll arrange a delivery anywhere in Thailand to bring your bomb brownies right to your door. When your driver arrives, simply meet them to pick up your order and pay the delivery fee in cash or via bank transfer. For fast and easy transfers try It’s that easy!

    Don’t miss out on the Fat Buds fresh baked brownies bursting with THC goodness. Better believe beyond Bangkok our brownies will be delivered all Thailand Today!

    Traditionally Thai food is spicy but these THC Bangkok Brownies are like chocolate cannabis infused with THC. There is no CBD in any of our brownies.

    Please note: Our Brownies are not Spicy. Additionally Fat Buds Weed Shop brownies served in Sukhumvit and Sathorn in Thailand do have THC. THC is a psychoactive intermediate and should be used with caution. Finally- please understand the all Fat Buds Weed Shop THC edible brownies have NO MSG additives, saccharin, BS artificial flaovoring MSG, or BS. As both Fat Buds Weed Shops both Sukumvit and Sathorn do serve CBD &THC products and understand many of the Fat Buds weed shop edibles are know to cause LOLs OK?

The Fat Buds Edibles Product Line

Our Weed Brownies

The Noob Weed Brownie

Non-Member Pricing: 1pc 250 Baht | 3pc 200 Baht | 10pcs 1,500 Baht || Member Pricing: 1pc 200 Baht | 10pcs 1,500 Baht

Production Details: Butter made from southern Thai outdoor flower. THC percentages are not available due to no test, so it is hard to calculate milligrams, but clients who do not consume edibles frequently find this strength to be sufficient.

The Stoner Weed Brownie

Non-Member Pricing: 1pc 350 Baht | 3pc 300 Baht | 10pcs 2500 Baht || Member Pricing: 1pc 300 Baht | 10pcs 2500 Baht

Production Details: In-house extraction done with coconut oil and decarbed topshelf indica-leaning Runtz strains. Extraction done with a Magical Butter Machine. Estimated THC content of bud – 20-22% (realistic estimate, not some bullshit off Google). If you want to see the coconut oil used, please ask Fat Buds staff for a look and sniff.

Ready To Purchase Some Weed Brownies In Bangkok? Then Contact The Fat Buds Team Now To Order Today!

Our THC Coconut Oil

To purchase the Fat Buds THC coconut oil in Bangkok, the minimum order is 0.5 cups (approx. 118 ml). If no stock is available, pre-order is available, product will be produced within 48-72 hours. All coconut oil is produced using topshelf cannabis. 1 cup equals approximately 15 strong doses or 20 average doses. For preorders, our loyal Fat Buds clients can choose whether they want their coconut oil infused with sativa-leaning or indica-leaning cannabis.


0.5 Cups – 2,200 baht
1 Cup – 3,750 baht
5 Cups – 16,800 baht
10 Cups – 30,000 baht

If stored appropriately in a fridge, the shelf-life for our THC coconut oil is between 1-3 years (2-3 months kept at room temperature).

Want To Purchase THC Coconut Oil In Bangkok? Then Contact The Fat Buds Team Now To Order Today!

Upcoming Planned Product Lines

THC Chocolates

THC Gummies

THC Coconut Oil Capsules

Stay tuned for the upcoming releases! Fat Buds members will of course get notified with regular updates on the progress of these product lines in the Member’s WhatsApp group. Members may also get to test a few of the edibles product lines before they get released to the public! (Wondering how to become a Fat Buds Cannabis Club Member? Click here to learn more)

The Fat Buds Edibles Mission Statement

It may sound ridiculous to have a mission statement for a small shop selling edibles in Bangkok, but it is the only way to showcase to our loyal Fat Buds members and clients how committed we are to offer legitimate THC Edibles that will get you stoned. See below to read our 4 guidelines as we build our Edibles offerings!

1. Transparency With Production Method & Product Used

Let’s cut the bullshit – cannabis is a potent drug that we use to get goofy. Yes, it can help with medical ailments, but we also want to get rippeddddd!

In order to ensure that our products are produced to the highest quality possible, we will always break down in detail how much product we used for any given batch of edibles that we make, and we are happy to share our production method, so clients can feel assured about what they are purchasing. All Fat Buds clients who purchase our edibles are welcome to come to our Fat Buds Sathorn branch to check the exact coconut oil that we used or even the exact flower we used to produce the edibles.

We will also NEVER lie about milligrams or THC percentages like all other suppliers currently in the market, as of January 28th, 2023. How is it possible that I can eat 600 milligrams of brownies from another shop and not feel anything?? Because the numbers are COMPLETELY fake. At Fat Buds, we will never pull such bullshit, nor will we ever think about deceiving our members or clients in such a manner.

2. Quality Testing New Product Lines Before Public Release

At Fat Buds, we are extremely committed to THOROUGHLY testing all our edibles ourselves, before releasing our products for the public to consume. This is the only way that we can ensure a few things:

1. Consistency: when clients purchase our edibles, they should know what they are purchasing in terms of strength. No one wants to eat an edible and wait 3 hours twiddling their thumbs to get high, nor does anyone want to eat an edible and then call their mommy in fear 3 hours later when they are WAY TOO ripped 😀

2. Safety: No one wants an edible that makes them vomit or get an upset stomach. If any of our edibles cause someone to vomit due to poor cooking, unfortunately we will be ones who are doing the vomiting.

3. Strength: The most important thing 😉 If you are a real stoner, you know what it feels like to get really ripped on an edible. Fat Buds has testers that have extremely high tolerances, and we always need the Stamp of Approval from them on the strength of our edibles before releasing them to the public.

3. Commitment To Using Top Flower or Extracts For Our Strong Products & Being Transparent About The Weaker Products

For Fat Buds Edibles, we are committed to never cheap out on the flower that we use, in order to increase our profitability. We will never make claims that our Edibles are “SUPER STRONG” when we used piss poor quality outdoor cannabis to make our oil. We know we cannot get away with such practice, as we are stoners too, and we know that the product quality simply cannot be the same if we use shittier flower.

If we do create an edible product that is intended for clients with less experience consuming edibles, we will be upfront that the product is intended for clients with weaker tolerances, and we will specify very clearly what flower we used to make the weaker product.

Also, we will never sacrifice the quality of the flower that we use in exchange for fancier, fruitier packaging. If you want a brownie that is all fluff and no substance, you can go to purchase at one of the hundreds of shops selling total BS edibles. However if you want to purchase a no-frills product that is all about substance, then contact us here!

4. Responsible Serving Of Our Edibles

As true stoners, we also respect the strength of the Ganja! We fully understand that THC edibles can be EXTREMELY strong and overwhelming if you do not take the right dose, and we will not allow any client to purchase a strong edible from us until they have had the chance to speak to a Fat Buds team member to determine if they are ready to try a strong edible or if they should actually start out with a weaker one.

If you are a first-time purchaser of Fat Buds Edibles, please do not get offended if we ask you questions about your tolerance or cannabis experience (we know how stoners can be sometimes ;)) We are just trying to do our part, so everyone can enjoy this healthier and fun way of consuming cannabis.

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