Want To Buy Weed In Bangkok But Have Questions? Still Confused About The Current Legal Situation? Questions About Fat Buds Products? Then Read Our Comprehensive FAQ!

Is cannabis flower legal in Thailand?

Fat Buds is legally allowed to sell cannabis flower at our weed shops. We have fully authorized certification by the government to sell cannabis flower to clients, provided we are following all regulations of the Thai government.

However, it must be understood that the smoking of cannabis flower for recreational purposes is only decriminalized, and the smoking of cannabis flower should be done at a private place. Smoking weed in a public place, such as a quiet street, is tolerated provided you are not causing a nuisance or public disturbance. Please note that smoking weed and causing a public disturbance is illegal and carries financial penalties, so be smart about where you smoke your weed. And don't blow a massive smoke ring in a granny's face!

As marijuana flower is completely decriminalized and legal to purchase, the police cannot bother you for carrying marijuana of any amount. If you get stopped by police for carrying marijuana and the police are trying to hassle you, politely refuse to cooperate as you are 100% complying with Thai law.

Can I smoke weed inside the Fat Buds shops?

As of August 18, 2022, the regulations surrounding smoking inside dispensaries are quite unclear. After consulting with our Legal Advisor, Fat Buds currently allows clients to smoke at our Sathorn location on the rooftop, where our clients can enjoy an awesome view of the Bangkok city center in a closed-off zone that has the appropriate ventilation to be in line with current Thai law. To see more information about the Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn branch, please click here.

As of now, the Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit branch does not allow clients to smoke inside the dispensary, but the Fat Buds team can advise on quiet locations nearby where smoking is not an issue. To see more information about the Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit branch, please click here.

Are there any age restrictions or other types of restrictions to purchase weed at Fat Buds Weed Shop?

Yes. As per Thai law, you must be at least 20 years old in order to purchase weed from Fat Buds Weed Shop. At Fat Buds, we have the right to ask all clients prior to entering our shops for ID as a proof of age, so we can ensure that we are complying with government regulations. If we ask to see your ID even though you are clearly over 20 years old, please don't be offended!! It just means that you look young and are aging well!

We also are not allowed to sell cannabis to pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, as per Thai law.

Can the Fat Buds team roll a joint for me if I cannot roll?

Yes! If a budtender is present at the Fat Buds Weed Shop when you are there, they can certainly roll for you. We do not charge for rolling joints, but please note that if there are long queues, we will not be able to offer rolling services, in order to properly serve all customers quickly. We also always have Cones for sale, which allows clients who cannot roll to easily make a joint with their purchased cannabis 🙂

Can I have weed delivered to my hotel?

100% yes! Many of our clients have weed delivered directly to their hotel. For full details of how our weed delivery in Bangkok works, please read more details here.

Is it legal to smoke weed on the streets? Where is the best place for me to smoke weed without any issues?

We always recommend clients to smoke weed in a private place, meaning your condominium, house, hotel balcony etc. This way, you will be rest assured that you are not causing any type of public disturbance.

If you insist on smoking weed outside, it is generally tolerated so long as you are doing it in a quiet place without disturbing anyone (ex. A quiet street). However, please remember that causing a public disturbance by smoking weed is illegal, and there are financial penalties associated with causing a public disturbance.

If you want some recommendations of some awesome hidden gem hotspots to smoke at in Bangkok, don't be afraid to ask a Fat Buds team member for a couple of tips!

Is Fat Buds legally licensed to sell weed?

Yes! Fat Buds is a registered company that is fully licensed by the Thai government to sell cannabis. At Fat Buds, we believe that this marijuana movement in Thailand is awesome, and we want to support the local cannabis industry by complying with all legal requirements.

Does Fat Buds sell edibles, wax, oil, tinctures etc.

As much as Fat Buds would love to sell THC edibles, wax, oils, tinctures and other THC extract products, this is still 100% ILLEGAL as per Thai government regulation. As of June 22, 2022, selling any cannabis products that contain more than 0.2% extracted THC is illegal. Other shops that are selling THC edibles are breaking Thai law. Purely CBD edibles, tinctures, wax etc. is perfectly legal.

The moment that it becomes legal for Fat Buds to sell THC extract products such as edibles, we will have a full line of products waiting for our clients. And trust us - our brownies will be the strongest in the nation!

Does Fat Buds sell hash?

No. Hash is considered a THC extract product, and therefore it is illegal to sell and consume in Thailand. We occasionally do however have kief paste, depending on the dates that you visit our weed shops and whether they coincide with a harvest 🙂

Can Fat Buds deliver weed all over Thailand?

Yes! We deliver our weed nationwide via Kerry, J&T, or Flash Express. To speak to a Fat Buds team member to place your order for nationwide weed delivery, click here.

Do I need a medical marijuana card or some sort of prescription to purchase weed from Fat Buds?

No! You do not require a medical marijuana card or some sort of doctor's prescription to purchase weed from Fat Buds. Just come on by and get your bud for the day!

What payment methods does Fat Buds accept?

Fat Buds currently accepts the following methods of payment:

1. Cash in any major currency (we will accept USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and more). Please note that if you choose to purchase our weed with non-Thai currency, we do charge a 5% surcharge.

2. Bank transfer - if you do not have a Thai bank account, many of our clients do cheap international bank transfers with either Wise.com or Revolut

3. Cryptocurrency - we accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. Please note that there is a 5% surcharge to purchase our weed with cryptocurrency.

4. Paypal - please note that there is a 5% surcharge to purchase our weed using Paypal. Please also kindly note that Paypal is an absolute last resort for Fat Buds, as Paypal is not integrated in Thailand.

Does Fat Buds sell smoking paraphernalia such as pipes, bongs, or bubblers?

At Fat Buds, we have smoking paraphernalia that the Thai government legally allows us to sell, as per Thai law. This includes rolling papers, cones, tips, and grinders.

Unfortunately, other types of smoking paraphernalia such as bongs, pipes, bubblers and more are 100% ILLEGAL to be sold in Thailand. Other shops that are selling such paraphernalia are not complying with Thai law. The moment that Thai law allows us to sell bongs, pipes and the lot, trust that Fat Buds will have some big bongs for you to buy and rip!

Does Fat Buds also offer discounts for larger purchases (ex. 1 ounce)?

Yes certainly! Please call or message a Fat Buds team member at one of the contact options listed out here.

Is the weed sold at Fat Buds 100% organic or soil grown?

At Fat Buds, we offer both 100% organic soil grown weed, as well as popular hydroponic weed. The cannabis that is 100% organic soil-grown is produced using worm castings, bat guano, and 100% organic advanced nutrients bio additives (kelp, alpha meal).

The main differences between hydroponic and 100% organic weed are:
1. Smell - hydroponic weed tends to smell much more pungent (classic "dank" stink), while 100% organic weed will have more earthy plant smells to go along with the classic marijuana stink.
2. Visual - hydroponic weed typically is very dense, while 100% organic weed is often more fluffy (although properly grown will still be quite dense)
3. The High - hydroponic weed will give you a stronger initial rush, while 100% organic weed will be a much more leveled high. Both hydroponic and 100% organic weed can be very strong, depending on the strain. Also, some users report that hydroponic weed can cause a bit more of a "hangover" the next day, while 100% organic weed comes with next to no hangover.

If you have any further questions between the differences of hydroponic and 100% organic weed, feel free to contact a Fat Buds Weed Shop team member here.

Can I fly with weed that I have purchased from Fat Buds on domestic airplanes?

Yes! Believe it or not as of July 22, 2022, people are completely legally allowed to carry any amount of weed with them aboard domestic flights.

Will the police harass me if they catch me with weed from Fat Buds?

As per the decriminalization laws currently in Thailand, police cannot harass you or charge you with any crime for the possession of legally purchased cannabis flower. There is also currently no limit as to the amount of cannabis flower you can carry at any given time.

The only thing that police can currently do is charge you for causing a public disturbance if you are smoking on the street. In general, smoking weed on the street is tolerated, provided you are smoking at a quiet location.

What time does Fat Buds do deliveries until? Does Fat Buds deliver outside of shop hours?

Fat Buds can accommodate weed deliveries with Grab Express until late (so outside of shop hours). To arrange a weed delivery later at night, please contact Fat Buds via one of the contact methods listed here.

Does Fat Buds sell any merchandise?

Heck yes we do! Fat Buds have some awesome t-shirts done which can be purchased in-store or for delivery. And of course, the infamous Fat Buds stickers are completely free for our clients to take.

Does Fat Buds offer franchises?

As of now, Fat Buds currently does not offer franchising, as we are in the process of obtaining our franchise license. Once this has been completed, we will provide full details of our franchise model on our website!