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Want to Buy Special Distillate Gummies in Bangkok? Read on and Contact Fat Buds Weed Shop to Buy Some Now!

Want to Buy Special Cerebral Distillate Gummies in Bangkok Now?

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Distillate Gummies in Bangkok Guide

The world of cannabis-infused products is constantly evolving. Have you tried distillate gummies before? They’re a game-changer. 

To score some special cerebral distillate gummies in Bangkok, message us at Fat Buds Weed Shop now!

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Distillate gummies are the new go-to for edible enthusiasts everywhere, especially our Special Cerebral Gummies. The Fat Buds Special Cerebral Gummies are crafted with love and care.

And, since they’re produced with distillate, you’ll certainly notice a difference in the high. These gummies are in an entirely different dimension than your traditional canna oil-infused brownies.

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In this distillate gummies guide, we delve into the background and important details of these trippy treats. We’ll explore their effects, dosage considerations, flavors, and pricing!


Key Tokeaways

  • Special Cerebral Gummies are made with highly potent distillate oil by the professionals at Fat Buds Weed Shop.
  • Distillate oil provides a different high than canna oil.
  • Distillate gummy effects are cerebral at lower doses, and couch-locking at high doses.
  • Distillate gummies are approx 35-40mg each.

What is Distillate?

Distillate oil is one of the most potent and purest forms of cannabis extract. I promise you, this is some super strong shit. Cannabis distillate oil is thick, gooey, and looks golden-amber in appearance. Distillate oils can be ingested as is. It is popular for American weed lovers to purchase distillate oil in a syringe and just apply it topically to food. It’s better than it sounds, trust us.

These oils are very similar to and even are the same as some of the distillate oils that are used in weed vape cartridges. The American stoners out there know what we’re talking about. The tasty vapes that knock you on your ass. Yeah, those.

How is Distillate Oil Made?

This cannabis concentrate is produced via a distillate process in which a solvent, like ethanol or butane, is used. This multi-day process isn’t for the amateur DIYers; it’s a legit production. But don’t stress, we got the PROs at Fat Buds Weed Shop handling it. I won’t get too much into the nitty gritty of it all, but if you want more info, we’re good for it.

For more deets on the Fat Buds Weed distillate method, hit us up and we’ll break things down for you.

How is Distillate Oil Different From Canna Oil?

Using distillate instead of canna oil is like traveling on a space shuttle instead of a bicycle. It’s just that different. You feel like you’re flying, man. PLEASE remember that 1mg of distillate oil DOES NOT equal 1mg of canna oil. This is some real ass shit!

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Special Cerebral Gummies Consumption Guide

These gummies are about 35-40mg each, so you probably just need 1-2 to feel some solid groovitude. For experienced cosmic explorers, I recommend at least 3 gummies. Also, tolerance builds faster with distillate oil. So you might need to eat 2 gummies today to feel the same effects you felt yesterday with 1 gummy.

Be careful with these. Some VIP members report psychoactive effects so intense they needed a hospital visit. I swear I am not joking. So follow the general rule of thumb with edibles, “Low and Slow.”


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For more suggestions or recommendations concerning Gummy Dosage, talk to a knowledgeable Fat Buds Budtender here now!

Distillate Oil Benefits

  • Distillate oil does not have as strong of a taste as canna oil, so edibles taste and smell way better.
  • Distillate gummies are way more potent than cannabis oil gummies.
  • Distillate oil can also be enjoyed in other forms.
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Fat Buds Guarantee

Imagine if your favorite beer tasted completely different each time you tasted it. You might’ve experienced this level of inconsistency with cannabis products from some of the dispensaries you’ve visited across Thailand. Some products are even advertised as being made with distillate oil, yet they are made with canna oil. Terrible!

But some good news. Fat Buds doesn’t fuck around. We follow a step-by-step consistent process for the production of the Special Cerebral Gummies Distillate Oil. Quality assurance is assured throughout the whole process, from the initial extraction to the final step of distillation.

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Taste the difference and buy some Special Cerebral Gummies Now!

Special Cerebral Gummies Prices

How much is a single pack of these fire Special Cerebral Distillate Gummies in Bangkok?

1 pack is 350 baht.

3 packs for 900 baht.

5 packs for 1250 baht.

Ready to Buy Distillate Gummies in Bangkok?

Distillate Gummies Flavors

Right now, only Apple flavored and strawberry flavored mindbending Distillate Gummies are available. But don’t worry, more flavors are soon to come. The weed wizards at the Fat Buds Lab are conjuring up new concoctions all the time!

VIP Member Access

For Fat Buds VIP Members, there is a special deal!
For a single (1) pack, it is 300 baht.
If you’re feeling extra groovy and commit to 5 packs, we’re throwing in a (1) free Honey Syrine OR PREROLL. Damn, that’s super groovy.

Wholesale Distillate Gummies in Bangkok

There are Wholesale options available:
10 Packs: 2,250 Baht
30 Packs: 4,800 Baht
100 Packs: 12,000 Baht

Need To Order Wholesale Cannabis Gummies In Bangkok?

Distillate Gummies in Bangkok Bottom Line

Fellow Fat Buds gang, we learned a lot today. First off, distillate gummies are not your run-of-the-mill cannabis edibles. Distillate oil is different from traditional cannabis oil and has a whole host of different effects. They are made in a completely different process and provide versatility. For example, you can eat lower doses of distillate gummies to energize yourself.

Special cerebral gummies are in a category of their own with flavors, sensations, and effects that will defy your expectations.

So, grab some Fat Buds Special Cerebral Gummies, embrace the buzz, and blast off into the unknown!