Need high THC cannabis delivery to your condo or hotel? Whether you are an expat or tourist, you will love our efficient weed delivery in Bangkok with 5 star customer service!

How To Buy Weed Delivery In Bangkok With Fat Buds?

1. Order Your Desired Weed Via Phone Or Message

Call any Fat Bud’s location in Bangkok or send a message via the messaging or social media application options listed here.

The Fat Bud’s team will inform you of the available strains and prices, so you can select what you would like to smoke 🙂 Don’t forget to ask for a few free tips or rolling papers if you need them!

2 Pay For The Product In Advance via bank transfer

Once you have selected your product and finalized the price, you need to transfer the cost of the product to the bank details provided by the Fat Bud’s team.

If you do not have a Thai bank account, you can either ask your hotel reception to transfer on your behalf and pay them cash, or you can use Wise.com for cheap international transfers.

3. Get Your Weed And Pay for the grab delivery fee In cash

Provide your delivery address and phone number to the Fat Bud’s team, so they can arrange a Grab delivery to your home or hotel on your behalf.

Once the Grab delivery has arrived, go to meet the driver to collect your product and pay for the Grab fee in cash or bank transfer to the driver. Happy smoking!

We Can Deliver Weed Anywhere In Bangkok!

weed delivery in bangkok

Fat Buds has served hundreds of clients for cannabis delivery to many different condos and hotels in Bangkok.

The places we have delivered to include the Millennium Hilton, Royal Orchid Sheraton, the Shangri-La and tons of other 5-star hotels and condominiums. We also do deliveries all across Bangkok suburbs, including Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan. Trust Fat Buds to deliver your weed to you both discreetly and efficiently!

Weed Delivery Payment Options

We offer a range of different payment options to make our Weed Delivery in Bangkok as convenient as possible!

buy weed in bangkok bank transfer

1. Bank Transfer

We accept payment via bank transfers from all local Thai banks, and we also accept payment via international bank transactions through Wise or Revolut (two online services that enable international clients to make cheap bank transfers). If you need assistance using Wise or Revolut to complete an international bank transfer, don’t hesitate to contact the Fat Buds team via one of the options listed here.

cannabis delivery cash on delivery

2. Cash On Delivery

We can also arrange payment via Cash on Delivery with one of the Fat Buds drivers. Please note that our driver availability may be limited, so it is best to schedule cash on delivery via one of the contact options. For cash on delivery, we have a minimum order amount of 1,000 baht not including the delivery fee. And of course via our Free Delivery promotion, if you order over 3,000 baht worth of cannabis, we deliver for free!

At Fat Buds, please also note that we accept major international currencies as payment, such as US Dollars, British Pounds, and Japanese Yen. However, please be advised that for international currency payments, we charge a 5% premium for the inconvenience.

buy weed in bangkok crypto

3. Cryptocurrency

At Fat Buds, we accept payments in all major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and ADA. Please note that for payments in cryptocurrencies, we charge a 5% surcharge.

If you require a payment in cryptocurrency, do not hesitate to ask the Fat Buds team for further details!

4. Paypal

We also accept payments via Paypal. Please kindly note that this is a last resort option, as Paypal is not integrated with the Thai banking system, and consequently, we do charge a 5% premium for Paypal payments.

Ready To Order Weed Delivery In Bangkok?

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