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If You're A Weed Lover Who Is Seeking An Unforgettable And Elevated Experience In Bangkok, Look No Further Than The 420-Friendly Airbnb Listings Hosted By Your Friendly Stoners At Fat Buds Weed Shop!

The Ultimate Weed Friendly Hotel In Bangkok!

Does a 420-friendly Airbnb sound like your vibe? Book your Fat Buds Airbnb now!!!!

The two Airbnbs are located in adjacent neighborhoods, Ekkamai and Onnut.
Each Airbnb listing caters to your stoner needs. For example, Fat Buds Weed Shop will provide 1g of flower and one 1g preroll per day for your smoking pleasure. Let’s get high groovy gang!

To learn more about the Fat Buds 420-Friendly Ekkamai Townhouse Airbnb, click here!

For more info on the Onnut 420-Friendly Airbnb, click here!

A Quick Intro To Fat Buds Weed Shop

In case you are not aware, Fat Buds Weed Shop is a Top-10 ranked cannabis dispensary in Bangkok and for good reason! Fat Buds Weed Shop has three locations spread across Bangkok. Each location is home to dozens of strains as well as multiple smoking lounges and rooftop access for some truly sick views of Bangkok.

Each Airbnb listing is located above or next to a Fat Buds Dispensary, so you’ll have direct access to new sativa, indica, and hybrid strains in Bangkok daily!

Are you curious about The Fat Buds Weed Shop menu? No worries, take a look at the goods here. Here is a link to the latest menu, prices, availability, and promotions!

An additional perk that we mentioned at the beginning, is a daily FREE package that includes (1) 1g preroll and 1g of high quality flower!!! Whoa! Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb that comes fully stocked with weed? Now you have the chance to!!!

Next, we’ll discover what the Fat Buds Ekkamai Airbnb is all about.

Fat Buds Ekkamai Weed Friendly Hotel

The Fat Buds 420-friendly Weed Hotel at Ekkamai is huge with a fantastic location! It is chill to the max and you can enjoy the greenery in peace both indoors and outdoors. At the Ekkamai Airbnb, we guarantee a cannabis-immersive and hazy stay for those pro-smokers who enjoy their chronic. The ambiance is welcoming and we know high people love comfort, so we’ve included some super comfortable furniture in the living room and two bedrooms on the 2nd floor. There’s also super fast blazing WIFI for those tokers who work from home.

weed friendly hotel in bangkok

As attentive hosts, Fat Buds Weed Shop has first-hand knowledge of the local weed scene. They can give you great recommendations on local food, nightlife, and events related to the growing community of weed lovers in Bangkok. Trust me, you’ll feel right at home as soon as you light that first spliffy of Fat Buds Flower.

There is a downstairs living room equipped with a small kitchen so you can get all of your essential cooking done!

As soon as you step out of this big comfy townhouse, you will be embraced by the chaos of Bangkok. Ekkamai is a more lowkey area, but don’t worry, you’re still plenty close to all of the action.

420 airbnb bangkok

There are also two bedrooms with plenty of space to spare. The master bedroom also has a private balcony to fulfill all of your joint smoking needs.

Here is a view of the master bedroom with an attached balcony. This is perfect and convenient for the stoner who loves a good daily wake-and-bake! Remember, Fat Buds Weed Shop offers free weed daily to all of their Airbnb guests!

weed friendly airbnb in bangkok

Ekkamai Neighborhood

Okay, so how’s the neighborhood?

It’s a vibe, homie. Ekkamai is for the cool cats out there who enjoy art galleries, hip cafes, and quirky boutiques. It’s a haven for both expats and Thai hipsters. What’s great is that you’re while you’re close to the party buzzing in neighboring trendy Thong Lor, you’re actually in a mini oasis of chill. There’s also world-famous Thai street food located nearby. Don’t forget to munch on some classics like pad krapow or som tum to satisfy your taste buds.

For some sweet recommendations on what to do near the Fat Buds Ekkamai Airbnb, hit up Fat Buds Ricky now!

Fat Buds Onnut 420-Friendly Airbnb

A little more compact and more for the budget-conscious stoner, the Fat Buds Onnut 420-friendly Airbnb is sleek, modern, and efficient. Best of all, it is located RIGHT ABOVE the Fat Buds Onnut Weed Shop, so all of your weed needs can be taken care of INSTANTLY!

Don’t forget about the sweet deal we’re offering to all of our Airbnb guests. Enjoy 1 gram of flower, and one (1) 1g preroll joint with us DAILY during your stay!

To learn more about this INCREDIBLY stoner-friendly offer, hit up Fat Buds Ricky now!!!

Fat Buds Onnut Weed Friendly Hotel

Just like the super dope Fat Buds Ekkamai Townhouse, the Onnut 420-friendly Airbnb Rental Unit invites guests to light up without a care in the world. The unit is equipped with all of the essentials needed for the ultimate Bangkok stoner experience. Whether you prefer joints, bongs, bowls, or edibles, the hosts at Fat Buds Weed Shop will make sure that you have the tools to take your stay to a higher dimension.

The Fat Buds Onnut Airbnb is a 4th-floor private apartment inside the Fat Buds Onnut Weed Shop. Since the store has regular hours from noon to 9 pm, you may hear noise throughout the day. However, the shop is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so on those days you will have the space to yourself! Another great perk is the proximity to the BTS Skytrain and other forms of public transportation.

Rent the 420-Friendly Fat Buds Airbnb in Onnut now!

weed airbnb bangkok

Even though the Airbnb is located inside the larger store, you will have your own PRIVATE ENTRANCE.

weed friendly hotel thailand

Each Fat Buds Onnut Rental Unit comes fully equipped with modern furniture and a kitchen with all the essentials. Blaze and cook up with the modern comforts of home!

weed hotel bangkok

Located just down the hall from the living room and kitchen area, the Fat Buds Airbnb Rental Unit has a private bedroom with air conditioning. Enjoy the cool AC as you escape the Bangkok heat!

weed rooftop bangkok

Finally, I gotta mention the super dope Fat Buds Onnut Rooftop. Even though this rooftop is shared, you will find yourself alone at certain times during the day. This is a great spot to blaze up. The host at Fat Buds Onnut may even join you for a monster blunt. Trust me, Fat Buds Ricky smokes like there’s no tomorrow!

For a more in-depth look at the first premier weed friendly Airbnb in Bangkok, take the virtual tour now: The First 420 Airbnb Bangkok | Fat Buds Shop | On Nut Sukhumvit 77 – YouTube

In this video tour of the FIRST weed friendly Airbnb in Bangkok, you will see just how high we get here at Fat Buds!

Onnut: The Hood

Onnut, located right next to Ekkamai, has been up and coming for years and has finally arrived. Onnut is full of shopping malls, huge condos, and delectable street eats. There is an eclectic mix of expats and locals living in the area. Not to mention dive bars, rock clubs, and markets!

Fat Buds Ricky has been an Onnut resident for over 10 years, if you have any questions, ask him here!!

Weed Friendly Hotel Review From The Best

Wayneo, one of the weirdest and zaniest stoners on YT, recently had a fantastic stay.

Watch the viral video of his experience smoking at Fat Buds Ekkamai now!

Don’t forget, if you drop the Wayneo name at any of the Fat Buds Weed Shops, you’ll get a spicy discount! How cool is that?!

Bottom Line

The 420-friendly Airbnbs by Fat Buds Weed Shop are staples of the local cosmic community and they are your gateway to the Thai cannabis world. You can’t go wrong with either. If you’re looking for a bigger space, the Fat Buds Ekkamai Townhouse is perfect. On the other hand, for the solo travelers out there, I recommend the Fat Buds Onnut Airbnb. And, you’ll certainly get groovy at each location with so much weed you won’t know what to do with yourself!

Rent a Fat Buds 420-friendly Airbnb in Bangkok now!!!!!