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Cannabis brownies. They’re delicious. They fuck you up. Weed brownies are just plain damn good.

I don’t like to admit this, but you can catch me scarfing down a delicious Fat Buds Weed Shop Stoner Brownie most evenings. Why not zonk out after spending the day smoking weed? 

But maybe you’re not a true ‘weedhead’. Don’t worry, Fat Buds Weed Shop even carries Noob Brownies for the new tokers out there.

Can you really buy cannabis brownies in Bangkok? Oh ya – you best believe you can buy brownies high in THC that will get you extra stoned!

where to buy cannabis brownies in bangkok

To Purchase some spacecakes and cannabis brownies in Bangkok, look at our latest menu for current pricing, available, and promotions. Wahoo!

Our Noob Brownies (approximately 40 milligrams) are 250 Baht/piece, 600/3 Pieces, and 1,500/10 pieces. Our Stoner Brownies (approximately 150-180 milligrams) are 350 Baht/piece, 900/3 Pieces, and 2,500/10 Pieces.

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Or if you still need more information about Cannabis Brownies and how much they kick ass, continue reading this Fat Buds breakdown. Let’s dive into the world of cannabis brownies.

How We Make Our Cannabis Brownies

Fat Buds Weed Shop provides two options for cannabis brownie lovers. You can either go for the Noob Brownies or the Stoner Brownies. What’s also great about these brownies is that they can work both medicinally AND recreationally.

What’s the difference between Noob Brownies and Stoner Brownies?

Like the name suggests, Noob Brownies are for noobs or non-daily smokers… and Stoner Brownies are for… You guessed it. True stoners and potheads!! (I’m a Stoner if you hadn’t noticed).

Let’s learn more about the two.

Noob Brownies

Okay you noobs – this is for you! You’ll learn that cannabis brownies in Bangkok are made according to different standards and strength. Fat Buds Weed Shop produces Noob Brownies with coconut oil infused with Tahoe OG – a hybrid sourced from a top local farm with clean growing practices. All THC extractions and coconut oil infusions are done in-house to ensure quality and cleanliness of product.

Each noob brownie is conservatively estimated at 30-40 milligrams, making it ideal for infrequent cannabis smokers or consumers. Contact us now to get zonked with some Fat Buds Noob Brownies!

Stoner Brownies

Okay my fellow weed lovers. We’ve arrived. The Fat Buds Weed Shop Stoner Brownies are produced with some of the best indica-leaning Runtz and Gelato strains we have on hand.

How Do We Extract The Oil Used In Our Cannabis Brownies?

The cannabis brownies we produce in Bangkok are extracted with a Magical Butter Machine. And you know us at Fat Buds Weed Shop – we don’t fuck around with our THC percentages. We keep it real with you. The weed that we use in these Stoner Brownies are at an estimated 20-20% THC.

Again, we’re not fucking with you. Ask one of our lovely budtenders for a sample of our coconut oil. We’re happy to let you sniff and take a gander at our zonktastic cannabis coconut oil.

Edible Measurement Guide: How Strong Are Fat Buds Brownies?

Want More Information About How Cannabis Edibles Are Measured? See The Table Below!

Choose Your Strength

Micro High

THC Dose

1 to 5 milligrams


This is the smallest dosage. Users won’t feel psychoactive effects, but they may feel some relief as far as nausea, anxiety, and pain go.

Edibles Available

Currently not available

Light High

THC Dose

5-15 milligrams


This dose level is recommended for new cannabis users. This dose level can make you feel groovy without feeling overloaded. Typically, this is the point where new users begin to feel “stoned”.

Edibles Available

Fat Buds Honey Sticks (Available Now! – Contact To Buy!)

Moderate High

THC Dose

20-50 milligrams


This is for daily weed smokers. At 20 to 50 mg, most regular consumers will be left feeling tranquil without any overwhelming anxiety. For new users, this amount may induce feelings of strong euphoria and groovy vibes.

Edibles Available

Fat Buds Noob Brownies or 2-3 Fat Buds Cannabis Gummies

Strong High

THC Dose

150-180 milligrams


Do you eat blunts for breakfast? If you do, this dosage level might just be right for you! Otherwise, take it easy – not all of us need to be surfing the stars right away. This high amount of THC may cause nausea or may even intensify the effects of anxiety.

Edibles Available

Fat Buds Stoner Brownie or a full pack of Fat Buds Cannabis Gummies

Intergalactic High

THC Dose

500+ milligrams


At this type of dosing, please proceed with caution. For new users, this is unadvised! This is an extremely high dose reserved for only the most pothead of potheads!

What’s your intention? Impaired coordination? Well then you’ve reached the correct dosage level.

Edibles Available

Smash 3 of our Stoner Brownies and go on a journey of the mind

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Cannabis Brownies Consumption and Safety

One thing I like to tell you noobs to keep in mind is to keep it “low and slow” when consuming a cannabis brownie. Start with a low dose, and then be patient. Edibles take time.

Many cannabis consumers can recall a time they made the mistake of taking too many weed brownies, and generally having a “bad trip”. That’s no fun for anyone, especially in a foreign city like Bangkok.

Remember, the peak if your high generally takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to reach. It ranges for each consumer. So clear your schedule. Load up your Netflix series. And just chill.

How To Eat A Fat Buds Weed Brownie

If you’re not sure about how to eat a Fat Buds Weed Brownie, I have a few suggestions.

Eat an appropriate amount according to the chart provided above, and lounge around with sick views at the Sathorn Weed Smokers Rooftop. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re on the other side of town, Sukhumvit, I recommend the Sukhumvit Smoker’s Lounge for True Stoners Only!!!! Relax, have a chat, or just stare at the wall as you drool. I don’t care!

Why Are Cannabis Brownies In Thailand Weak?

When Thailand legalized the recreational consumption of marijuana, we all celebrated. Weed and cannabis products become available across Bangkok and the rest of Thailand.

Unfortunately, as a result of poor quality control, many weed shops and dispensaries use extremely low quality marijuana when producing their Cannabis brownies in Bangkok. You ever hear of bush weed? Well that’s what they use!

Fat Buds Guarantee

At Fat Buds Weed Shop, we adhere to the “garbage in, garbage out” motto. If you use shit ingredients, you’re gonna get a shit product. That’s why when we say top shelf strains, we MEAN top-shelf.

If you’re still unsure, talk to one of Budtenders by contacting us now to get all the facts you need before purchasing weed brownies in Bangkok.

buy cannabis brownies in bangkok

Ready To Buy Cannabis Brownies In Bangkok? Then Contact The Fat Buds Team Now To Arrange In-Store Purchase Or Delivery!

For full contact options, please see here.

How To Purchase Cannabis Brownies In Bangkok

If you haven’t figured out how to purchase cannabis brownies in Bangkok, believe me it’s easy. You can purchase weed brownies in person at the following locations:

Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn.

Fat Buds Weed Shop Sukhumvit.

Can you order delivery of cannabis brownies in Bangkok? YES – you read that right. To order weed brownies in Bangkok for delivery, reach out to us immediately and we’ll get you sorted!

Another thing, Cannabis Brownies are of course available at wholesale prices. Check our current menu for pricing on 3, 5, or 10 brownies. If you feel like you might want more than 10 brownies, message us now and one of our Budtenders will attend to you immediately!

Bottom Line

We learned a lot about weed brownies in Bangkok. First, they’re completely legal! Second, they fuck you up!

Cannabis brownies are a great way to relax without hurting your lungs with harsh smoke. You can even get a more sustained buzz (2-4 hours), so be sure to clear your schedule.

Join in on the fun and buy some Fat Buds Weed Shop Cannabis Brownies in Bangkok!