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After hearing about kief, some cannabis lovers may think, “Wait, is this a strain named after the rapper, Chief Keef?” Not exactly.

Kief is actually a cannabis concentrate that is sure to rock your world! This favorite of mine is an easily made concentrate which is sure to spice up your bowls and joints. Add a little sprinkle and viola! You’re all set.

Up your game and take a toke of the phenomenal kief in Bangkok available at Fat Buds Weed Shop.

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At Fat Buds Weed Shop, clients can buy kief in Bangkok that is Top Quality and from a variety of sativa, hybrid, and indica strains. Clients can buy Top Quality kief for only 500 baht per gram! Or are you a Fat Buds member? Then take advantage of our Member’s Kief Promotion where you can buy 3 Grams for only 1,350 baht or 5 Grams for 2,000 baht! (Want to know how to become a member? – See here for details.)

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Or if you still need more information about Kief, this Fat Buds breakdown will give an excellent overview of all things kief! Continue reading below.

What Is Kief

As noted above, in simple terms, kief is a powdered cannabis concentrate. Let’s get more technical though.

As the marijuana plant undergoes its maturity process, it develops these oh-so-tasty resinous glands, known as trichomes. These trichomes contain all the goodness. You know the THC, CBD, and terpenes? Well, that’s all in there!

These little trichomes appear crystal-like. Almost like tiny granules of salt, sugar, or even a tiny snowflake. Once these trichomes fall off or are shaken from the buds, they tend to appear slightly darker in color, transforming sometimes into a gold to light brown color.

If it appears greener or even brown, it means that there is still plant matter mixed in. This is a no-no at Fat Buds Weed Shop. As we are aware of some dispensaries using low quality flower to produce kief, rest assured that does not happen with the Fat Buds Weed Shop kief in Bangkok.

where to buy kief in bangkok

We strive to use the tastiest strains available. As we say, “Garbage in, garbage out!” As true weedheads, we know what’s up!

The lighter your kief appears in color, the more pure and potent it is. For more info on kief in Bangkok, feel free to ask one of our supremely knowledgeable budtenders at either the Sathorn branch or the Sukhumvit branch.

How Can You Collect Kief?

Kief can be collected through a few different methods.

Silkscreens (Dry Sift Kief)

Many dispensaries utilize silkscreens. Cannabis flower is shaken and stirred around over a mesh silkscreen, allowing only trichomes to fall through. Unfortunately, sometimes the mesh holes are too big, and this may not be the most effective method to collect kief.

The Top Quality Kief sold at Fat Buds Weed Shop is Dry Sift Kief, and you can be rest assured that only low micron screens were used to extract the trichomes, and these trichomes absolutely glisten with THC goodness! Want to press your own hash? The Fat Buds dry sift kief is good enough quality for you to do so!


Another method involves using ice. Bubble bags, which are mesh screen-lined bags, are stacked on each other with dry ice. You then shake the resulting mixture over parchment paper to effectively get the trichomes to fall. This is probably my favorite method to produce bombastic kief!

Three Chamber Grinder

Can you collect kief on your own? Ya know it!

For the most basic method of kief collection, Fat Buds recommend purchasing a solid three chamber grinder. Don’t expect a lot of kief right away… You’re gonna need to grind a good amount of flower before you start seeing those little delightful crystals.

Note!!! The quality of grinder kief will not compare to the kief you can extract from sift or ice methods as the micron filter is too high! So once you extract your kief through a three chamber grinder, you can also then sift the high micron kief through more filters to get the best quality possible!

For more information on how to collect your own kief, ask one of your budtenders or feel free to contact us here. Budtender Phillip is always ready to drop some knowledge.

Does Kief Get You Higher?

Oh you betcha! When compared to a regular bowl of flower, kief is guaranteed to leave you done and dusted.

Let’s get a little more into why.

If you look at some of the flower options available at Fat Buds Weed Shop, you will see that our topshelf strains will probably have THC percentages of anywhere between 18% and the mid-to-high 20% range (of course, Fat Buds does not provide actual THC percentages on our menu due to the lack of accredited testing facilities in the market).

On the other hand, kief sits on average around 50 to 80% THC. Wow! That’s certainly a difference.

This is why I like to recommend kief for more veteran cannabis consumers. This is definitely not for the beginning toker. You’re getting warned now weed noobs… This might be a one-hitter-quitter for ya.

How To Use Kief?

Even though Kief is one of the more potent cannabis concentrates, I like to argue it is probably the most user-friendly.

Unlike shatter or dab oil, kief can be consumed in a variety of ways. No rig or torch necessary.Let’s learn more about some of the ways to consume kief.

Sprinkle On Bowl

This is my favorite. Don’t blame me if I can’t smoke a bowl without a little kief on top anymore! I love it!

You have two options: “crowning” or mixing. When I say “crowning”, I refer to putting a layer of kief on top of the cannabis flower in your preferred pipe or bowl. This way the flavor of kief hits you immediately!

Otherwise, you can just mix it with the flower to enjoy a delicious bowl.

Why not have some for breakfast before heading out and exploring what Bangkok has to offer?

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Sprinkle On Joint

Another common method of kief consumption is to sprinkle or add some to a joint. You can do this by either sprinkling a layer on top of the flower once you’ve got the flower resting inside the paper. 

Alternatively, you can premix the flower and kief together. 

Whichever method you choose, you might want to strap yourself in for lift-off!

Pure Kief Joint?

Now, you might ask, “Can I roll a joint of pure kief?” Yes, you can.

Should you though? Probably not. This is considered a waste as the kief will continuously burn even if you’re not hitting the joint.

At Fat Buds Weed Shop, we rarely recommend NOT doing something, but we really do prefer crowning or mixing our joints with kief.

Make Hash From Kief

Making hash from kief? Is it really possible?

Hell ya! Some of you veteran stoners out there may know this trick already.

We recommend first placing kief inside a folded piece of parchment paper. Next, apply heat using a clothing iron or some kind of hot press. Finally, the zesty hash oil is released! Yes!!

Confused? No worries. Ask one of our Fat Buds Weed Shop Budtenders. They know what’s up!

Does Kief Go Bad?

Unfortunately, yes, kief can go bad. Just like cannabis flower, over time kief can dry out and oxidize. That’s no good.

Keep in mind that Thailand has a particularly humid climate, which means bud and kief in Thailand tend to spoil more quickly.

The Kief at Fat Buds Weed Shop is always fresh and delicious. We understand the importance of fresh quality products – and we always store our Kief in a controlled environment fridge, in order to ensure that the trichomes remain as fresh as possible! (Check out our current list of kief strains under the “Dry Sift Kief” section of our menu).

Kief Benefits

Are there any benefits to consuming kief?

Yes, there are a few! Let’s dive in.

Kief Potency

Kief is POTENT. So, you don’t have to smoke as much as you might when packing a pure flower bowl. By mixing some kief in, you are getting a much stronger high without needing as many tokes. That sounds like a win to me!

Kief Health Benefits

Since kief contains THC, CBD, and many other terpenes, there are a number of potential health benefits.

Kief and Depression

According to researchers at the University of Washington, the consumption of cannabis products containing THC and CBD may lead to antidepressant-like effects.

Kief and Anxiety

Not only can cannabis concentrates like kief potentially aid in treating depression, but they can also help with anxiety.

Neurotherapeutics, a reputed medical journal, notes that the CBD contained in kief can help treat general anxiety.

So kick and lean back, sprinkle a little kief in your bowl, and let those anxieties melt away!

Can I Order Kief Delivery In Bangkok?

Oh ya! You order Kief delivery in Bangkok from either the Sukhumvit or Sathorn locations, and you can also visit us in person to buy kief!

Check out our delivery page here.

In conclusion, Kief is a fun and user-friendly cannabis concentrate that I believe might be the best entry point for beginners to the world of cannabis concentrates. Kief delivers potency without the hassle involved in consuming other concentrates like shatter or dab oil.

Now after reading this article, we hope we’ve laid down the foundations you need to start enjoying kief!

To do so, buy some kickass kief in Bangkok directly at Fat Buds Weed Shop – see our full kief selection on our menu.