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Looking To Buy An Ounce Of Cannabis?

For some of you hardcore stoners out there, a regular 8th of weed might not even last you a day. I know it’s happened to me more than I might like to admit!

But I have some good news.

Can you buy ounces in Bangkok? Yes sir! It’s legal. You can legally purchase weed ounces from a cannabis dispensary in Thailand!

where to buy ounces in bangkok

Ready To Buy An Ounce?

Go check out our HUGE selection of cannabis strains at our In-Store and Online Cannabis Delivery Menu! Check out the first page for our full Mix-and-Match strain offer.

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Is it necessary to buy an ounce? Certainly not, but for cannabis lovers, Fat Buds highly recommends it, as you can buy the best cannabis at affordable prices.

After all, who hates having extra Baht around? Apart from being a moneysaver, it’s just nice to have a lot of weed. You don’t have to worry about running out. It’s just plain nice!

If you are still unsure if buying an ounce of weed is right for you, let’s dive into everything you need to know about buying ounces of weed in Thailand.

Key Takeaways

  • Buying cannabis in bulk saves money.
  • Cannabis is measured in grams, 8ths, and ounces.
  • Buying ounces of cannabis lets you smoke more.
  • It is legal to buy cannabis ounces in Bangkok, Thailand in person or delivery.

Cannabis Measurement Breakdown

Buying weed can be a little tricky, especially when figuring out how much cannabis you want to purchase.

The table below is a handy overview.

Imperial / Street name

Gram (1/28th Ounce)

Weight: 1 gram

Visual Comparison: Grape

8th (1/8th Ounce)

Weight: 3.5 grams

Visual Comparison: Kiwi

Quarter (1/4th Ounce)

Weight: 7 grams

Visual Comparison: Apple

Half (1/2th Ounce)

Weight: 14 grams

Visual Comparison: Grapefruit

Ounce AKA Zip AKA Oz

Weight: 28 grams

Visual Comparison: Coconut

I will admit, the street name for different measurements of cannabis tends to change where you’re from.

For example, in good ol’ Sunny Florida, 8ths are referred to as “tracks”. What’s the street name where you’re from? I’m sure it’s a doozy!

Cannabis Strains

Buying weed in volume not only gives you the ability to get a large quantity of your favorite strain, but also mix and match a few different ones.


Indica refers to a class of strains that are typically associated with more relaxed and tranquil-like effects. Personally, I’m an indica connoisseur. So I have no issue buying ounces of indica strains. The quicker I’m laid out on the couch, the better!

buy ounces of top quality cannabis
That is some beautiful Grape Cake Gelato (Indica Hybrid)!


Even though I may not prefer sativa, I sure don’t mind puffing on a fat joint of the stuff. It’s bombastic. Spectacular, even. Especially when I’m trying to get an extra oomph of energy or sharpened focus. That’s why I purchase ounces of sativa. Need I say more?


If you haven’t figured it out already, hybrid strains are a mix of indica and sativa strains. Typically, growers do this to attain even higher percentages of THC. Can’t decide between sativa or indica? Go hybrid! You might be drooling but you won’t be disappointed!

To mix and match these different types of cannabis for your ounce, or see what strains are currently available for buying ounces in Bangkok, here’s our menu!

Is It Legal To Buy Ounces In Bangkok?

Even though you’ve heard about the weed paradise that Thailand has become, for some it might sound too good to be true. Believe me, I was like you at first.

But, the stories are true. It is legal to buy cannabis ounces in Bangkok. You can buy weed in volume. It’s all up to you.

For more info on weed legalization in Thailand, we’ve got a handy FAQ waiting for ya!

How To Buy Ounces In Bangkok

Simple put, to buy ounces in Bangkok all you need to do is hit us up at Fat Buds Weed Shop!

If you’re not quite sure yet, you can take a look at the current Fat Buds Menu. Who knows, one of these strains we have might tickle that itch. I like to think within the world of weed, there’s always something for anyone.

Something I forgot to mention, you can buy ounces of different levels of quality. What does this mean?

Well, you don’t need to always buy top shelf. I like to buy a couple “zips” of some lower grade strains so that I can roll massive joints without worrying about waste.

A bigger joint just means more people to share it with. Who doesn’t love a big fat joint?

Mix And Match

Another thing you can do is mix and match different strains when buying weed ounces in Bangkok at Fat Buds. This is the Fat Buds Special and why our cannabis dispensary has the best ounce offer in all of Thailand!

Don’t want to get stuck smoking White Widow for a month? I feel ya. Why not keep it fresh with 3-4 different strains – mixing two cheaper daily-smoke strains with a few grams of topshelf cannabis to send you to outer space?

Or heck, mix 28 different strains to have a fresh strain to smoke for 28 days! Or do an ounce of half THC cannabis and half CBD cannabis! The customization options are endless.

Does Fat Buds Weed Shop sell CBD hemp flower? Yes!! You know it!

For those of you looking to get the benefits of marijuana without the buzz, Fat Buds Weed Shop provides CBD hemp flower too!!

mix and match strains when you buy ounces in bangkok
Mix different strains when buying your custom ounce!


You can not only buy ounces of weed in person at Fat Buds Weed Shop, but you can also order ounces for delivery.

Fat Buds Weed Shop has two locations ideally situated so that you can order ounces of weed in Bangkok no matter where you are.

For delivery contact information for the Sukhumvit location, contact here.

For delivery contact information for the Sathorn location, click here.

Ready To Buy Ounces Of Cannabis?

At Fat Buds Weed Shop, our budtenders are knowledge and love speaking weed. Contact them here.

Still need more information? No problem. Fat Buds budtenders can help with anything from strain choice, to rolling up fat blunts, and even picking out some of the best smoke spots in Bangkok.  Speaking of which, have you seen the Fat Buds smoking rooftop? Or the Sukhumvit Smoking Lounge?

Bottom Line

You can buy cannabis ounces in Bangkok with no issues.

In fact, we suggest you do purchase an ounce or two. You can save money, not worry about rationing weed, and pick up multiple strains.

Best of all, it ‘s COMPLETELY LEGAL to do so!! Yay!

To get started with buying weed ounces in Bangkok, contact us here and you’ll be in weed heaven in no time!