Acapulco Gold Weed Review In Bangkok

Check out Fat Buds Budtender Philip's review on the Acapulco Gold, our bestseller power sativa strain. Buy this topshelf sativa cannabis in Bangkok for only 650 baht per gram or 1,800 baht for 3 grams!

Date of Review: 17 . 11 . 2022

Acapulco Gold Basic Information

One Sentence Description: the ultimate power sativa - the perfect bud to give you a kick in the ass and get your day started in the mornings or throughout the day

Grow Method: Hydroponic

Perfect Time To Smoke This Weed: Between 8am - 4pm

What Kind Of Activities Are Best Enjoyed With Acapulco Gold: Working out | Going our for a walk or exploring | Getting some last minute work done

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Overall Review

The Nose (Smell)

The Acapulco Gold has an awesome spicy, skunky nose that just hits you in the face when you open the jar. With some buds, you can tell that they are strong just by the smell. Well, the Acapulco Gold certainly falls into that category!


Weed Porn Appeal (Looks)

Chunky and dense as f**k. The thick, green buds look super visually appealing, making you want to smoke them with their high level of weed porn appeal!


The Flavor

This bud smokes super smooth and clean for a hydroponically grown bud. The smoke has a nice, classic flavor that both old-school dudes as well as the younger generation can enjoy.


The High

This power sativa certainly gives you POWER! This is definitely not a "sativa hybrid" that doesn't give you any energy to attack your day. Within 10 minutes of smoking the Acapulco Gold, you feel instantly energized in the mind, and your thoughts become noticeably stimulated! Please note that if you are someone who suffers naturally from anxiety, then the Acapulco Gold may not be the bud for you, as it is certainly a bud that makes you think more, not less.


Overall Fat Buds Review​

If you really want some weed to give you an energy punch like drinking 2-3 coffees, then this Acapulco Gold is the bud for you. It truly is the ultimate daytime smoke - hopefully you don't end up smoking it all day, everyday! Don't miss out the chance to try this top shelf sativa cannabis today at Fat Buds at only 650 baht per gram, or 1,800 baht per 3 grams (600 per gram)! If you would like to buy this bud in-store or order it for delivery, then do not hesitate to contact us now.