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Sometimes you just want to get super duper high… And maybe that fat blunt you rolled just isn’t hitting the same as it used to. Don’t worry, I’ve got just the remedy: cannabis honey.

Get fucking ripped with Fat Buds Weed Shop cannabis honey in Bangkok now!

Cannabis honey, aka the good shit, is my FAVORITE way of living life like an astronaut. You real stoners out there know what I mean.

And, if you don’t, I got you.

This handy guide will detail the ins and outs of cannabis honey in Bangkok.

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What Is Cannabis Honey And How Do We Make It?

So when we talk about cannabis honey, we are referring to THC-infused honey 🙂

How is THC infused into the honey? Fat Buds Weed Shop cannabis honey is made with 100% FECO oil (Full Extract Cannabis Oil). You know, the REALLY good shit!

The FECO produced by Fat Buds Weed Shop is what you would called grade-A full extract cannabis oil. Our FECO is fucking great – and don’t eat the Fat Buds FECO on its own without consulting a Fat Buds budtender!! It is potent stuff!!

FECO or full spectrum cannabis oil is also amazing for pain relief and reducing inflammation, so our Cannabis Honey is perfect for our clients suffering from aches and pains!

Don’t believe us?  No worries. We’re here to educate. For more info on cannabis honey in Bangkok or any other questions, contact us now!

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FECO Oil Benefits

First off, have you heard of the entourage effect?

Maybe not. The entourage effect describes the beneficial effects elicited when all of the cannabinoids in cannabis work together. Think of it as teamwork.

According to a study conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, whole plant extracts provide far more benefits when compared to single compound cannabis extracts.

Fat Buds Weed Shop Cannabis Honey Guarantee

Unfortunately, when it comes to cannabis honey in Bangkok, many other dispensaries take shortcuts. You might find that other cannabis dispensaries in Bangkok offer cannabis honey produced from low quality marijuana.

At Fat Buds Weed Shop, we coined a saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” What does ‘garbage in, garbage out’ mean?

Well, when you produce cannabis honey using low-grade marijuana, you’re going to end up with a low-grade product. Sometimes, weed dispensaries in Bangkok will advertise cannabis honey made from FECO oil when their staff will utilize a completely different method of extraction.

So not only do other cannabis dispensaries in Bangkok produce cannabis honey with low quality cannabis, they may not even use the extraction method they advertise. Like we said, “Garbage in, garbage out!”

Taste the difference with Fat Buds Weed Shop Cannabis Honey and contact us now to purchase some Cannabis Honey!

How To Consume Cannabis Honey

At Fat Buds, we highly suggest all our Cannabis Honey fans to be creative when it comes to using our product! Here are personally some of our favorite ways to consume our Cannabis Honey:

Mix With Coffee & Tea In The Morning

Let’s face it – a little wake n’ bake doesn’t hurt anyone! However not all of us want to cough up a lung every morning when we want to feel an innocent little buzz 🙂

Well the Fat Buds cannabis honey is here to save the day! Mix some up in your morning coffee or tea and get a solid buzz going one hour later!

Mix With Your Smoothie

Trying to be healthy and also get high in the process? I feel you dudes.

At Fat Buds, we also love mixing our Cannabis Honey with a great coconut, mango or avocado smoothie. The natural sweetness of the Thai honey we use in our product really adds a nice natural flavor to any smoothies. Needless to say, it also adds a nice natural little high to any smoothies! Enjoy!

Lick Like A Degenerate

Yea, you caught us red-handed. At Fat Buds, we also tend to be complete degenerates.

What does this mean? Ye, we don’t give a rat’s ass about taste or flavor. Just give me the honey as is and let me eat it!

How Strong Is Fat Buds Cannabis Honey?

If you are a true stoner who loves edibles, then the only thing you really care about is the strength!

Admittedly at Fat Buds, we created the Honey Stick to provide a product offering that all clients regardless of experience level can enjoy. Therefore, each Honey Stick is approximately 15 milligrams, making it a lighter edible that won’t send you completely to space.

But True Stoners! Don’t worry! We also created our stoner brownies to give you a truly sedating experience – find out more details here.

How To Purchase Cannabis Honey In Bangkok?

There are a couple of different ways to buy cannabis honey in Bangkok.

You can purchase cannabis honey in-person at either of our locations: Sathorn or Sukhumvit.

Can you order cannabis FECO oil in Bangkok delivery? Oh hell yes! This is one of the many great things about the Thai capital.

For delivery in Sathorn, hit us up at details found here!

For Sukhumvit, hit us up at details found here!