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Fat Buds Celebrity Stoner: WayneO

Fat Buds VIP guests feature some of the grooviest stoners from around the world. Today we’re going to highlight one of our celebrities, WAYNEO. Who is WayneO?

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WayneO is an adventurous cannabis lover who showcases his travels and stoned adventures across the world on YouTube.

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WayneO embodies the Fat Buds Weed Shop spirit like no other. We’ll go into more detail about WayneO’s adventures at Fat Buds Weed Shop and the special relationship they’ve cultivated together.

Also, next time you swing by one of the three Fat Buds Weed Shops in SathornEkkamai, and Onnut, mention WayneO’s name for a special prize.

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Key Tokeaways

  • Drop WayneO’s name when you walk into any Fat Buds Weed Shop for an extra special prize.
  • WayneO’s vlogs are a fun and hilarious way to see the world through the perspective of a fellow stoner.
  • WayneO and Fat Buds are tight. Homies for life.
  • Fat Buds Weed Shop is part of a community of stoners just like WayneO.
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WayneO and Fat Buds Best Moments

When Wayneo first walked into Fat Buds Weed Shop, we could tell it would be the start of a beautiful relationship! Wayneo immediately understood the Fat Buds Weed Shop culture and vibe!

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite Wayneo has posted about his experiences smoking at Fat Buds Weed Shop Ekkamai’s Smoker’s Lounge. If you haven’t seen this now VIRAL video, you’re in for a hilarious treat! I love this video so much that I’ve probably watched it a dozen times!!

To meet and smoke up with fellow groovy gang stoners like Wayneo in Bangkok, visit the Fat Buds Ekkamai Smokers Lounge Club now!!!! Check out his video visiting Fat Buds Ekkamai branch by clicking the thumbnail below or clicking the link here:

Of course, we cannot also forget the time the legend Wayne-o visited infamous Fat Buds Weed Shop Sathorn Branch – check out the documented visit by clicking the image below or the link here:

WayneO's Fat Buds Care Package

As a testament to the phenomenal friendship Fat Buds Weed Shop has with Wayneo, we sent him a bomb ass care package filled with zesty strains.

Watch his reaction as he unboxes the goods now by clicking the image below or the link here:

WayneO is just the chillest dude!

If you were wondering, Fat Buds Weed Shop does indeed provide weed delivery across Thailand. You may have to wait a day or two, so I suggest ordering with some anticipation. If you’re a planner, you can even have a nice care package waiting at your hotel of choice before you arrive.

How great is that?

WayneO's Other Great Videos

What’s great about Wayneo is that he not only makes informative and funny weed vlogs, but also doesn’t skip out on providing other essential information you’d need as a foreigner staying long-term in Thailand.

He breaks down the visa extension in the great video below.

This is super useful knowledge for those of you traveling or living in Thailand for the first time. This way you can stay here longer, smoke more fantastic weed in Thailand, and enjoy the best munchies in the world!!

WayneO publishes some fresh travel content as well! Don’t be surprised if you catch him lighting one up again. Here’s a recent favorite of mine.

WayneO in Koh Phangan

In addition to his many vlogs, Wayneo also posts Shorts. Watch one of him showcasing the culinary talents of a pad thai roadside stall in Khao San!!

Fat Buds Weed Shop WayneO Promotion

You’ve probably wondered about the Wayneo Fat Buds Promotion that we’ve mentioned a few times before already.

Let me break down the promotion and the process to you.

1. Simply walk in as a customer to any of our three stores in Bangkok: Fat Buds Sathorn, Fat Buds Ekkamai, or Fat Buds Onnut.

2. Drop the WayneO name.


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Fat Buds Quality Guarantee

If you haven’t already noticed, Wayneo only fucks around with the best buds in Thailand. Fat Buds Weed Shop sells it to you straight. Our cannabis products are exactly as advertised. There are even fantastic deals for members. Please don’t confuse us with other weed shops in Bangkok you might have had a bad experience at. We understand the importance of having a quality cannabis experience during your time in Thailand.

We’re not here to screw you over, we’re just here to get you high as fuck!

Learn more about the Fat Buds Guarantee and more about our products by messaging a knowledgeable Fat Buds Budtender here!

Fat Buds Delivery in Bangkok

We talked a little about our Thailand delivery service above. Did you know we also deliver in the Bangkok area?

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Bottom Line

If there’s one thing we learned today, we learned WayneO is a super rad traveling stoner. He inspires me to explore more of the world. Here’s a salute to WayneO, a true friend and member of the Fat Buds family!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to WayneO’s dope ass channel now.

Fat Buds is such a chill spot to smoke up at. Come in and buy some dope buds (don’t forget to drop the code “WayneO”) and meet some rad folks like WayneO at one of our Fat Buds Weed Shops today.

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